CredClimate exists to advocate for environmentally-conscious decisions in how Credera does business and to weave environmentally sustainable business practices into Credera's DNA to benefit our employees, clients, and community.

Our Objectives

Incorporate sustainability efforts into how we do business.

This year, our vision is to make strides in each of CredClimate’s four pillars: sustainable operations, marketing support, recruitment and engagement, and offerings and client pursuits.

What are CredClimate’s focus areas?

CredClimate’s goals fall under two key pillars: sustainable operations and recruitment and engagement. For sustainable operations, CredClimate aims to automate and track the office energy usage of Credera-leased offices, while partnering with Omnicom to drive environmental initiatives across our network. For recruiting and engagement, CredClimate hosts events with subject matter experts, encourages employees to use training time to expand their knowledge, and generates awareness of relevant environmental topics through written content and marketing materials.

What’s happening within CredClimate?

CredClimate hosts speaker events and community service days to provide learning opportunities about sustainability and gain support for our initiatives. In one such event, CredClimate partnered with CredColor to invite a speaker from a grassroots organization to speak about environmental injustice in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area.

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