Feb 09, 2022

To Personalize Or Not To Personalize

Alex Berton

Alex Berton

To Personalize Or Not To Personalize

Personalization or personalization at scale means different things to different companies and different industries. When defining what it means for you, it’s important to establish a thinking process that looks at all the inputs and outputs rather than grabbing some industry jargon and stringing it together.

Define your strategy

I see organizations purchase technology well before the strategy and short and long-term program execution plans are in place. Technology seems to get everyone excited, which is great for the software vendors, but it really distracts companies from the tough tasks of planning out exactly what needs to happen before and after technology gets acquired. Here, the old saying “if you fail to plan and you plan to fail” stands true. Organizations spend more time in evaluating feature functions in the form of RFIs and RFPs than relevant and timeline-based planning.

Invest in experts

The other notion of relying on internal skills doesn’t always stand true. You need real, experienced, pragmatic skills across “been there done that,” a lot more than you need highly-priced management consultant types who may have arranged the boxes perfectly in the slide decks but have no idea how to execute this in practice. Finding the right trusted deployment partner who can guide, support, transfer skills on this journey is vital. And it’s very often not the software vendor or the large SI that needs to be engaged.

Chart out a growth plan

Engaging real experts early in the cycle can help you understand what good looks like, what expectations to set internally, and when to expect returns to be flowing back. It also helps structure up the initial teams and allows for growth as the program expands. There are no features and functions in the technology stack that will help you with how to run internal enablement, adoption, and get all stakeholders aligned and on the same wavelength. Real planning means getting experts to help you with planning and designing the data and analytics pipeline to support the personalization/ CX program. Moreover, whatever you promised in terms of timeline delivery and ROI becomes achievable because you have done your homework.

How Areteans personalizes transformation for its customers

Areteans is supporting digital transformation journeys for leading global brands with a focus on building solution accelerators for target customers. By owning the very change our clients aspire for, Areteans not just plans, but maps implementations with a collaborative approach to delivery. By employing advanced artificial intelligence and robotic automation, We empower businesses to transcend just capabilities and achieve accelerated growth instead. Because results speak for themselves in the long run!

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