StrategyFeb 15, 2011

Thinking about an Enterprise-Wide CRM?

Manish Limaye

You might want to consider the following:

  • Moving the customer to the center can represent a real paradigm shift for organizations that sell and deliver.  Making this shift can be arduous as it does not happen overnight.  Are you willing to spend the time and resource to make this journey a dedicated part of the program?

  • Executive alignment is paramount, are you ready to have the right discussions and lean into healthy conflict to make the tough decisions to get the right people on the bus?

  • Are you willing to make the hard choices to reorganize existing processes where departments are competing for the same customer?

  • Visibility by the entire organization to customer information can be uncomfortable but is required to see real return and move from managing transactions to building relationships.  Are you ready to trust?

  • The Cloud, SaaS, Master Data and the CFO, are you ready to be an IT Steward?

Enterprise-wide CRM projects are long initiatives that consume considerable time and resources.  Before making an investment, ensure that your organization is posed to address the changes ahead.   Validate that your leadership is willing to lean into healthy conflict when considering process improvements and become corporate technology steward as you assess the application architecture and technology infrastructure needs to support such an initiative.     Build change management efforts into planning budgets now or risk making it up along the way.  Prepare to do the required heavy lifting on defining your organization’s best-practices and openly address the topic of master data.  Line up the elephants in the room and engage in an open, frank discussion to confirm the benefits and risks associated with an Enterprise-wide CRM.  Finally, let the data drive the decision on whether to continue down the path towards implementation or look for other business initiatives that represent higher returns.   Interested in learning more about Enterprise-wide CRM Readiness?  Download our free White Paper!

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