CultureNov 29, 2018

The Roster: Vol. 14

Ally White

At Credera, we believe we’re truly better together. The Roster is a monthly series that allows you to get to know leaders at all levels across the firm.

Kevin King


Dallas, TX

Now Playing: Westworld

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Passions Outside of Work: Playing golf, eating at new restaurants (and old favorites), being with my family, and my faith.

Favorite Sports Team: That’s tough – I’ll rank them in descending order by their ability to make or break my day… 1) Texas A&M football, 2) San Antonio Spurs, 3) Texas A&M basketball, 4) Dallas Cowboys, 5) Texas Rangers, 6) Texas A&M baseball, 7) Dallas Stars.

Office Music Playlist: If I’m trying to concentrate, I listen to classical piano on Spotify. When I’m commuting, I listen to a lot of podcasts – Malcolm Gladwell, Hardcore History, and Touching Base to name a few. And finally, if I want to catch up on local sports, I listen to The Ticket.

Mentorship Experience: It’s been such a pleasure to watch people that I have mentored grow up at Credera and achieve so much success, I’m just glad I got to be a small part of it.

Best Advice You’ve Received: “Own your own career.” I’ve seen too many people (including myself at times) wait for good things to happen to them. Instead, you should take control of your career and attack your circumstances with conviction and an unwavering expectation to be successful.

Role Model: My dad. He taught me how to relentlessly work hard, never make excuses, love others, and embrace success with humility.

Alyssa Gross


Dallas, TX

Favorite App: Things; a coworker told me about it and I’m now reliant on this app to organize and keep track of all of my to-dos.

Life Hack: I’ve slowly integrated more and more IoT devices into my home, allowing me to create routines via Alexa that will do things like turn on the lights and music to wake me up in the morning or turn off the lights and play white noise after I say goodnight.

Passion Outside of Work: Anyone will tell you that I am an avid animal lover and after a year of volunteering with Dallas Pets Alive (DPA), a local animal rescue, I have stepped into the role as a Vice President for the organization. This role has been a great opportunity for me to use some of the project management and strategic skills I’ve learned as a consultant to implement changes that will hopefully allow DPA to save more lives!

Podcast Playlist: I’m a big fan of podcasts and am always up-to-date with How I Built This and My Favorite Murder; a new one I’m into lately, however, is called Last Seen and dives into the details around the unsolved case of the biggest art heist in history.

Favorite Credera Memory: Co-leading the annual Management Consulting retreat was a wonderful experience, especially since I had only been at the firm for about 4 months before we began planning! The opportunity to lead such a “loved” practice event allowed me to quickly get to know everyone and I had fun seeing them experience the retreat that the planning team spent so much time putting together.

Mentorship Experience: I’m lucky to call Cristina Niver my mentor, role model and friend. She’s incredible at building relationships so not only am I comfortable calling her for spur-of-the-moment career advice, I often ask for her input on personal things as well and enjoy any excuse to spend time with her, be it at lunch, happy hour, or at home with her two sweet girls!

Kevin Avila


Dallas, TX

Passions Outside of  Work: Music has been a passion of mine my whole life. I started producing beats in high school and continue to do so to keep on improving my sound.

Favorite App: Noirca, it’s a very minimal photo app that only shoots in grayscale. Twitter is a close second, I spend way too much time on it.

Podcast Playlist: I’ve been listening to Techish heavily. It’s hosted by two millennials who discuss what’s new in tech while tying in pop culture. Diversity and people of color in tech are also a big focus of this pod.

Personal Goal: To have a favorite artist of mine rap/sing over one of my beats.

How You’ve Seen the Core Values Lived Out at Credera: At last year’s State of the Office event, I was able to witness a heartfelt testimony and thank you from the family Credera helped build a house for. This was a long project made possible by Habitat for Humanity and the many Crederians who helped in building the house from scratch. Seeing the impact Credera was able to have on the family and their new home was extremely inspirational and made me feel fortunate to be part of a company that serves others in meaningful ways.

Best Advice You’ve Received: One of my coworkers at my first summer internship during college was constantly telling me to “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It’s not an uncommon piece of advice but it holds a lot of value. I tend to find routines that work for me and stick to them, so I always keep this advice in mind to make sure I switch things up often and continue to learn and grow.

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