Sep 25, 2020

The Digital Transformation Wave

Credera Team

Credera Team

The Digital Transformation Wave

If a digital transformation were to be defined:- Briefly it could be defined as the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business that fundamentally changes how the businesses operate and deliver value to customers.

In today’s world, everyone is talking about digitization of services and the ease of accessing it remotely. With the unexpected appearance of the recent pandemic situation of the novel coronavirus, businesses around the globe feels the need of digitization more than ever.

Digital Transformation with Pega – Latest Advancement

Pega as most of us know has digitized thousands of businesses around the globe ranging from midsegments to multinational giants.

In this space, we are going to see how the latest advancement of Pega is helping businesses in faster delivery and greater savings with its agile, low code, fully scalable intelligent automation.

Pega “The always evolving tool” has recently imbibed the following to make their software more agile and lightweight so that the businesses take lesser time to reach the market.

Pega Process Fabric:- With the recent release of the Pega process fabric now Pega can articulate the business architecture weaving together the business processes, case management, and workflow across all systems and platforms. Along with process fabric, the following has been scaled up / changed recently to suit business needs aptly

  1. Scaling up of Low Code Feature:- The current Pega 8.4 comes with Low Code – No Code features where most of the development is at configuration level and does not involve any hands-on coding as such, except heavy customizations. With this Low Code- No Code approach Pega would enable IT leaders to embrace full-featured low-code platforms for the ability to create enterprise-class software quickly. This would help the businesses in getting their software ready with robust and scalable features would be the quickest one to reach the market.

  2. RPA now transformed to Intelligent Automation:- Now the organizations and businesses can shift from modern, unified architectures that connect the front- and back-offices, bring together critical capabilities like process orchestration, AI, and case management, to enable platforms that automatically present the right tools or services in an as-a-service operational structure.

  3. Pega Marketing:- Now enables one to one capability of that of an AI-based tool which will continue to help marketers make sense of consumer data and context to determine the most empathetic and ethical way to engage with each person.

Areteans & Pega: Journey of a Digital Bank

As a Pega Gold Partner, Areteans is always very proud and happy to be a continuous part of the digital transformation journey for one of the largest Digital Bank of South Africa.

This bank operates fully digitally and is branchless, hence the need for a proper Business Process Modelling implementation was very critical and sensitive.

As Pega fitted exactly into their strategic objectives the robust implementation of their omnichannel modules and applications in Pega were very important.

Areteans helped them scale up their objectives and the bank achieved to onboard a million customers over a period of just one year.

The benefits achieved by the Bank by using Areteans services and Pega were the following but was not limited to it.

  1. Pega’s cloud-based solutions as was proposed by Areteans seamlessly merged with the bank’s cloud-only digital infrastructure and services which provided scalability of operations.

  2. Areteans gathered and structured the requirements quickly to give hand in hand solutions which were implementation ready for faster time to market.

  3. The technology behind the services needed to be dynamically scalable and agile to support the digital expansion of the bank. Areteans leveraged Pega’s Low Code -No Code platform which enabled swift changes in quick turnaround time while assuring continued quality service to the bank’s customers

  4. Since the bank provides branch-less banking, the back-office service center is used to serve the customers where they use Pega CS-FS. By using Pega’s industry solution of Customer Service for Financial Services (CS-FS) the service center representatives could serve customers better and faster in a first contact resolution with advanced case management features.

  5. Financial risk management was critical, Areteans provided seamless coordination with Risk and Fraud Management to resolve customer issues

  6. The capabilities of using bots for customer interactions, using machine learning and AI to intelligently aggregate, route, and resolve customer queries/requests or complaints, etc all were used in omnichannel modules for the bank. With a fast-increasing customer base and a growing bouquet of product offerings, Areteans was the right partner to realize the bank’s future goals.

Keep watching this space as we get ready for more “Build for Change”: Pega

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