AIAug 17, 2023

Technically Minded | Inclusive intelligence: How AI is reshaping DE&I paradigms

Credera Team

Credera is excited to announce the release of our latest podcast: 'Inclusive intelligence: How AI is reshaping DEI paradigms’.

This podcast, which is available on iTunesSpotifyGoogle, and Anchor FM, brings together some of the brightest sparks in technology and transformation consulting to wax lyrical on current trends and challenges facing organizations today. 

Listen now.

On This Episode

The potential implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on DEI are multifaceted, and careful consideration, along with proactive strategies, are essential to harness the benefits whilst minimizing the risks. In this episode of our Technically Minded podcast, we explore both the potential pitfalls and groundbreaking opportunities that AI introduces to DEI efforts. From dismantling hidden biases in algorithms, to reimagining inclusive leadership in a digitized world, we discuss how organizations can truly harness the power of AI to cultivate an environment where every individual's unique voice is not only heard but celebrated.

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