Apr 07, 2023

Take Advantage of Marketo’s Dynamic Chatbot Opportunity

Nehansh Jain

Nehansh Jain

Take Advantage of Marketo’s Dynamic Chatbot Opportunity

Are you ready for some eye-popping numbers?

  • Chatbots improve CSAT scores by 24%.

  • Two-thirds of business leaders say chatbots increase sales.

  • Response times are 3 times faster with a chatbot.

But wait, there’s one more: 74% of consumers expect the option to get information from a chatbot.

Now how much would you pay?

Well, if you use Marketo Engage, the answer is $0, at least for now.

To enable multichannel strategies, Marketo recently began offering a dynamic chatbot feature to its customers at no additional cost, providing a 24/7/365 customer service experience that frees up your agents to focus on more complex situations.

Here are a few use cases that highlight the chatbot’s features and business benefits.

Unknown Visitor

When a user comes to your site for the first time and engages, the chatbot welcomes them and attempts to drive the conversation to move them down the funnel. For example, it might surface content that’s relevant to their expressed interests or lead them to the more detailed pages of your site, following them as they go to provide more options along the way.

During the interaction, it captures their interests and behaviors and offers them opportunities to share their contact information, including their name, email address, and company information. This data is then used to create a new record in Marketo.

Based on that new record, the chatbot can take the next step and offer to schedule a sales meeting directly through a calendar tool. If the website visitor decides to take advantage of that option, they’ll receive a meeting invitation based on their email service provider (Microsoft Outlook/Teams or Gmail/Google Meet, for example).

On the sales team side, the sales rep will receive a meeting invitation along with all the visitor’s browsing history, a list of documents they viewed, and any other information collected during the chat.

Known Visitor

The chatbot’s features and capabilities are the same for visitors whose contact information has already been captured in your Marketo database, but the experience is more personalized. For example, when they engage with the chatbot, known visitors receive a personalized greeting. In addition, the chatbot can quickly surface contextual content based on metrics from previous visits, such as time spent on certain pages and how much of those pages they scrolled.

Relevant content such as case studies or offerings can be provided within the chatbot for viewing or even downloading, and additional related information can be shared via Marketo.

Marketo Chatbot Reporting


Marketers can parse and analyze the information gathered by the chatbot in several ways. The following metrics are available:Engagement Rate 

  • Total triggered 

  • Engaged 

  • Completed

Conversion Rate

  • People acquired

  • Meetings booked

  • Goals reached

An Engagement Report can display each of those metrics over a specific time span, segmented by known or unknown visitors or shown in aggregate.All activities are also captured in a log in Marketo, along with a chat transcript of all user engagements.

Bottom Line

There’s really no reason not to take advantage of this new, free marketing channel. Our Marketo specialists can help with both the implementation and the marketing strategy behind it. We’ll work with you to develop a lead-generation strategy, design the flow, and help with installation and maintenance. Schedule a call with our team to get up and running.

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