AINov 27, 2023

Introducing the AI Global Council: Daniel Henry

Conner Gregory

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world at warp speed. Impacts are felt in business, education, government, and everything in between. That’s why the AI Global Council was formed. This group of leaders from varied backgrounds and experiences has united to think through the implications of advancing AI technologies, policies, and ethics.  

Each AI Global Council member brings a unique and necessary point of view to the conversation. Today, we’re introducing Daniel Henry, former executive vice president and global chief information officer (CIO) of McDonald’s.  

Daniel’s one thing on AI 

We asked each of the AI Global Council board members to share one piece of advice in the AI space. Daniel’s advice is to learn AI quickly to keep pace with the ever-changing space.

 “We always hear ‘fail fast.’ I believe in learning fast,” Daniel said. “The technology is changing so quickly, you need to learn, not fail.”

A little about Daniel 

Daniel joined McDonald’s as the executive vice president and global CIO in 2017. He oversaw the fast food giant’s global technology portfolio, touching over 64 million customers across more than 100 countries. He led McDonald’s transformational technology strategy, which focused on creating internal and external technologies people would want to use and looking for ways to continuously improve and modernize the customer experience.

Daniel was previously the vice president of customer technology at American Airlines, where he led the over 1,500-person technology organization delivering global, customer-facing solutions across all areas of the business. As a member of the American Airlines Technology Board, Daniel established and governed American Airlines’ technology vision and strategy, focusing on world-class solutions that increase revenue and reduce costs.

​Explore more about the AI Global Council 

The AI Global Council is focused on taking amorphous and challenging topics and sharing a balanced and holistic perspective that can move everyone forward.

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