StrategyMay 19, 2014

Interstate Batteries and Credera Lead Transformational Change

Credera Team

Founded in the early 1950s, Interstate Batteries has grown from a local battery supply company to the number one automotive replacement battery brand in North America. Interstate Batteries supplies 300 distributors who in-turn serve more than 200,000 retail outlets.

Partnering Together to Achieve the CEOs Strategic Vision

Scott Covington, Credera’s Vice President, met with Interstate Batteries’ CEO to discuss the future vision of the company. They discussed many industry challenges facing the company including, rising fuel costs, fluctuations in lead pricing, and the growing number of batteries required by the automotive industry.

“Transformational change is a C-level executive initiative; large-scale programs change an industry or the way a business goes to market,” explains Covington.

“At the very heart of [transformational change] is changing a very successful system that has worked for many years,” said, Dennis Brown, Interstate Batteries Chief Marketing Officer.

Credera Implemented a Comprehensive Solution

Credera approached the initiative with a strong, high-level strategy and then addressed other challenges and market-forces at play. Learn more about the overall approach to this transformational initiative.

“Credera was able to build a Business Intelligence platform for Interstate Batteries that encompassed a redesigned sales process and specific reports that were action-oriented for various groups in the organization,” said Covington.

Numerous visually oriented reports were presented to better equip Interstate Batteries leadership and team members. Discover how Business Intelligence changed the way Interstate Batteries does business.

“It is one thing to show numbers, but it is another thing entirely to visualize information and weave it into the existing process of the business,” expressed Covington.

Credera also led Interstate Batteries’ Organizational Change initiative. Organizational Change was critical to the success of user adoption.

“We ran the largest training in the history of Interstate. We brought in over 600 people and hosted them in small classrooms for three days,” reported Emily Schulhoff, Credera Manager.

Results of the Partnership are Game-Changing

The transformational change initiative took place over a three-year period and had a positive impact on Interstate Batteries company-wide. Detailed results are outlined in the Interstate Batteries’ Client Story.

Interstate’s executive leadership expressed great pleasure with the results of the initiative:

[The system] is already informing decisions about where we put inventory. You wake up every morning and the system tells you what five things to do today,” said Brown.

“The quality of the project actually meets the hype of the project. It actually does what it is supposed to do,” said Brown. “I think that is pretty rare.” – Dennis Brown, Interstate Batteries Chief Marketing Officer.

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