TransformationOct 21, 2020

Innovation at Credera: How to Grow a Product

Cameron Weinert

Innovation at any organization requires structure and a plan to get ideas off of the whiteboard and into the market.

At Credera, we guide companies to innovate through a structured approach that combines design thinking with a systematic process. Our goal is to walk with you along each step of the innovation journey as you look to prioritize opportunities for innovation, pursue a new idea, and prototype a solution.

Over the next few weeks we will share how to bring your ideas to life through our structured innovation process. You can read our other blog posts here and here.

How to Grow the Right Product?

As we’ve shared throughout this video series, innovation is key to keeping your company competitive in a fast-changing market. Prioritizing ideas is critical to ensure resources are spent on ideas that will drive business objectives, but how can we know if a new idea is worth the investment?

We’ve found design sprints can help you explore if an idea is a good use of time and resources.

A design sprint is a weeklong experience created to get the best prioritized ideas in front of your customer. At Credera, we collaborate alongside client teams to ideate on a solution and then work with our design team to quickly spin up a prototype that can be tested at the end of the week.

Our goal in every design sprint is to capture as many lessons as possible from consumers that will help clients make informed product and market decisions. By aligning on the problem we are trying to solve on day one, our collaborative team is able to focus on designing and building a prototype that will bring a solution to market.

The design sprint exercise culminates on Friday with user testing, providing insights to the team that will drive future product iterations and validate the market fit.

Learn more about how Credera helps companies build prototypes to test ideas with consumers in the video below or reach out to us at

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