May 30, 2024

How to leverage AJO in the QSR industry

Shashank Shukla

Shashank Shukla

How to leverage AJO in the QSR industry

Our busy lives have blurred the lines of traditional meal timing. With so many people looking to grab a quick meal while balancing daily commitments, the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life.

The QSR industry is characterized by its emphasis on speed and convenience, and its customer base is diverse and dynamic with varying tastes, dietary preferences, and lifestyles. Personalization allows these establishments to create relevant and appealing experiences for each customer, increasing the likelihood of conversion and fostering customer loyalty. Personalized marketing has thus emerged as a critical strategy in the QSR industry, fundamentally reshaping how brands engage with their customers.

The 2023 State of Personalization Report from Twillio shows that more than half of consumers who make an online purchase are likely to become repeat buyers after a personalized experience. This tailored approach goes beyond generic advertising, seeking to understand individual preferences, behaviors, and purchasing history. In a fiercely competitive landscape, the necessity to take it a step forward with personalization at scale cannot be overstated.

To that end, Adobe Journey Optimizer (AJO) is a powerful tool for orchestrating personalized customer experiences across multiple channels. In the QSR industry, restaurants can use AJO in several ways to enhance customer engagement and drive business results:

  • Segment customer bases by criteria, such as demographics, purchase history, or preferences for more targeted marketing efforts.

  • Offer personalized promotions, like discounts on a customer's favorite menu items.

  • Create cohesive, consistent experiences across different channels, including email, SMS, and mobile apps.

  • Trigger automated follow-up messages to encourage customers to finalize purchases in abandoned carts.

  • Trigger personalized messages, rewards, or promotions based on the customer's loyalty status, purchase history, or accumulated points.

  • Use geolocation data to send targeted messages or offers to customers based on their proximity to their restaurant or even a competitor’s restaurant.

  • Schedule and deliver time-sensitive promotions, such as breakfast offers in the morning and dinner deals in the evening, to maximize relevance and effectiveness.

  • Track the performance of campaigns, measure customer engagement, and gain insights to refine strategies. (Note: Data Distiller is required in combination with AJO to gain these insights.)

  • Handle customer data securely and in compliance with privacy laws.

Use case No. 1: Geofence ping

This use case involves an imaginary coffeehouse called Jey’s. Dustin, a frequent customer at Jey’s, arrives at the parking lot and hits a geofence ping. Dustin immediately receives a push notification, powered by AJO, announcing that his favorite Cinnamon Apple Spiced Coffee has returned!

He taps the push notification, opens the app, and is presented with a 10% off code, powered by AJO, on his most frequently ordered breakfast item with the purchase of his favorite coffee. (AJO has this breakfast choice stored because data from Jey's POS system is being ingested into the AJO ecosystem.)

After ordering, he receives a thank you email, again through AJO, letting him know the amount of loyalty points he accrued with his most recent order. The email also notifies him that his account balance is running low and gives him the option to top up.

Use case No. 2: Text signup

This use case involves an imaginary restaurant chain called Britt's Burrito Bar (BBB). Chelsea, who is at BBB, approaches the counter to place her order. She notices a sign prompting her to text “Burrito” to a short code number to be automatically enrolled in the BBB rewards program via text. (This is powered by Adobe's partnership with a vendor that provides this service, such as Sinch.)

After signing up via text, Chelsea immediately receives a welcome offer for a free lemon iced tea to thank her for signing up. Once she checks out at the counter, she receives another text with a link to download the BBB mobile app. Upon downloading the mobile app, Chelsea finishes registering her account, after which she receives an offer via email for a free chimichanga on any order completed in the next week.

AJO’s impact in the QSR industry

These use cases, coupled with the functionalities discussed above, show how AJO can have a significant impact in the QSR industry:

Enhanced customer engagement: AJO enables QSRs to connect with customers on a more individual level. By understanding each customer's preferences, behaviors, and past interactions, QSRs can tailor messaging and offers to be hyper-relevant.

Increased customer loyalty: When customers feel that a brand understands and caters to their specific needs, they’re more likely to develop a sense of loyalty, leading to repeat visits and long-term customer relationships.

Higher average transaction value: By suggesting complementary items based on a customer's previous orders or preferences, QSRs can potentially increase the average spend per transaction.

Reduced marketing costs: Personalized marketing can be more efficient in terms of budget allocation. Instead of broad-based campaigns, QSRs can focus resources on targeted efforts that are more likely to yield results.

The bottom line

Highly personalized marketing has become a necessity in the QSR industry. Through AJO, QSRs can create hyper-personalized, targeted marketing campaigns that resonate, ultimately driving higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue in a way that respects customer privacy and complies with data protection regulations.

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