Aug 22, 2023

How to streamline your production processes to save time & money

Paige White

Paige White

How to streamline your production processes to save time & money

Digital-first is the new norm, and it’s here to stay. Consumers expect to be met wherever they are in their customer journey on whatever device they choose to use. That means a significant increase in markets, channels, and formats for delivering content and a massive demand for dynamic and optimized content.

For many businesses, it’s a challenge to keep up. According to research by Deloitte Digital, 85% of marketers say they’re under pressure to create and deliver content faster than ever before.

Siloed, manual workflows contribute to that pressure, negatively impacting productivity and causing frustration among team members. Slow, sequential processes make it difficult to manage projects in parallel, hindering speed-to-market.

One study by Adobe found that managing manual activities in various systems across roles can take up to 70% of the time marketers spend on non-core work.

A primary reason for many of these issues is that production processes typically use various disconnected tools, which can lead to:

  • Unpredictable timelines  

  • Opaque costs 

  • Difficulty in finding/sharing assets  

  • Cumbersome cross-department campaign management

If bottlenecks throughout the content process and an inability to accurately create timelines and track expenses weren’t enough, this fragmented setup also keeps marketers from optimizing the customer experience with enhancements like personalization, which is the future of everything.

Defining the Solution

The answer is to streamline your business processes and simplify the creation and management of day-to-day assets and content.

The seamless planning, production, and delivery of your digital assets enables you to precisely reach consumers across all channels. And the automation of business workflows speeds up your time-to-market, improves overall digital performance, and gives you insights through real-time updates.

Implementing the Solution

Our proprietary Content Factory is an innovative solution that does all of that, allowing you to integrate your Workfront, Creative Cloud, and Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) environments into a single unified platform. It empowers your creative and marketing teams to bring content from ideation through creation and publishing without interruption or reliance on IT.

Content Factory automatically syncs those environments, ensuring greater consistency and saving you time and money. It streamlines such processes as asset management, inventory management, task tracking, document storage and delivery, and workflow automation by improving asset access and sharing and eliminating manual processes.

Let's say you have project managers working in Adobe Workfront, visual designers working in Adobe Creative Cloud (like Photoshop), content authors working in AEM, and marketers using that content at various endpoints to create engaging customer experiences. Content Factory integrates Workfront with Creative Cloud and AEM so your teams can work better together.

Content Factory also enables you to easily layer in enhancements like personalization. Data analysts working in Adobe Analytics on segmentation and population analysis can share those insights with digital marketers, who are using Adobe Target for personalization or Campaign or Marketo for marketing automation.

Ultimately, that leads to better experiences for your customers and increased conversions for you.

Bottom Line 

Content Factory enables you to increase speed-to-market, boost your teams’ velocity, improve customer experience, and lower your total cost of ownership, with no reliance on IT. Schedule a call with our Sales & Marketing Technology specialists to find out more about Content Factory and the magic it can work for you. 

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