TechnologyApr 25, 2011

How Microsoft Delivers eCommerce to the Enterprise

Joshua Grear and Jesus Salazar

Over the last several years, the eCommerce landscape has continued to grow and evolve, continuously changing the retail marketplace. Companies have realized that the ability to market and sell online has become more and more critical in order to stay in lock step with consumer trends.

Culturally, people are becoming more and more comfortable with the concept of making purchases online. The angst and paranoia of fraud and poor customer service have given way to convenience and access to competitive pricing.

These trends coupled with emerging web technologies like AJAX, FLEX, and SilverLight, which are capable of providing customers with rich user experiences, have bridged the gap in giving customers confidence in their purchases without having to physically see or touch the products they buy. So much so, that it is not rare for expensive and sensitive purchases like wedding rings and cars to be bought online.

In this whitepaper, we will explore how Microsoft technologies can work together to help you keep up with these trends and without breaking the bank or your workforce.

Download: How Microsoft Delivers eCommerce to the Enterprise – PDF (671 KB)

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