Jun 10, 2022

How to Find the Right Digital Transformation Partner



How to Find the Right Digital Transformation Partner

You’ve decided to team up with a digital partner to future-proof your digital ecosystem, and you need one that brings a holistic approach to transformation and offers the diverse capabilities required for the job.

Based on the three pillars of a successful digital transformation, here’s a checklist to help you decide if a potential partner is a good fit for your organization:

Culture: Organize and transform your internal processes

  • Asks about your internal resources

  • Asks about training and can provide it or make recommendations

  • Has experience in achieving internal alignment

  • Has experience analyzing and fixing internal resource issues

  • Can provide additional resources to support your team when needed

  • Has experience conducting digital transformation through change management

Vision: Develop your long-term goals

  • Has experience in defining company objectives

  • Has experience in leading workshops to brainstorm new approaches

  • Can distinguish between a vision and a roadmap

  • Doesn’t make technical recommendations until the vision process is complete

  • Has a history of innovation

Strategy & Roadmaps: Create your future state

  • Has experience taking a vision and developing strategic roadmaps

  • Has experience working across a variety of technical solutions

  • Isn’t tied to a particular technology (unless you are sure that’s the solution)

  • Has a history of getting it done, as evidenced by case studies

Ten years ago, digital transformation was considered simply a matter of adding a few marketing automation tools to your website and — bingo! — you were on your way. But successful organizations have demonstrated that there’s much more at play.Digital ecosystem transformation is a complex, demanding, never-ending process. You’ll need all the help you can get. Schedule a call to talk with our Strategy team today.

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