Oct 04, 2022

How Data Helps Capture Value from Your Technology Investments

Jeff Larche

Jeff Larche

How Data Helps Capture Value from Your Technology Investments

The challenges that keep business objectives from being realized are many. Leaders can mitigate some of these with good practices in areas like communication, operational readiness, and governance.

Another way to address certain challenges — one that’s possibly under-the-radar in your organization — is to be realistic about your team’s capabilities and collaborate with solution providers when the returns far outweigh the investment. I’m talking about Insight Generation and Personalization.

Case in point: One of Credera’s clients recently invested in implementing analytics and personalization and, upon launch, saw the key person in their analytics team leave the company. It left them concerned about using the tools to deliver analytics and optimizations “at scale” — at a pace that keeps up with dynamic market conditions and quickly returns on their investment.

We offered them those services on a rental basis — they lease those skills from us through our Run and Operate Service Offering.

The positive returns were almost immediate.

One such return involved an A/B test that inserted a slim, attractive banner promoting a popular offer on their homepage. It was subtle but hard to miss.

With the A/B test at 95% statistical certainty, we discovered that we improved sales over the control by a double-digit percentage, exceeding expectations by 5x! That translates to a significant increase in revenue that would have otherwise been lost. Our client was thrilled.

Bottom Line

Because we are platform-agnostic, our Run and Operate Service Offering helps capture the value from various types of technology investments.

We are an accelerant.

We can take expensive implementations — everything from an analytics/personalization system all the way to a customer data platform (CDP) — and fill in the gaps of our clients’ internal capabilities to consistently improve ROI.

Schedule a call with our Data & Analytics team to see what we can do for you.

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