AIDec 18, 2023

From the AI Global Council: The key to differentiation lies in the customer experience

Chioma Chukwuma

The AI Global Council is a group of thought leaders from a wide variety of backgrounds who have joined together to discuss some of the most pressing questions emerging from the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence (AI).

In their inaugural meeting, the Council delved into how leaders looking to buy AI solutions can stay differentiated from other companies that are using the same services and models. Tia White, general manager of AI/machine learning (ML) marketing intelligence at Amazon Web Services, suggested the core of differentiation rests in the customer experience and speed to market. When considering how to shape their business strategy with AI, leaders should assess what their customers need, and anticipate how quickly they can get those solutions to their customers to make the greatest impact in their organizations and in the market.

Tying the customer experience to AI differentiation

Leaders looking to enter the AI market are given the option of either buying or building solutions, a decision best made after considering the ways AI fits into the organization’s strategy. For leaders who choose to go down the “buy” path, they are now faced with a new question: How can their organization differentiate themselves from others who are utilizing the same AI service offerings?

To answer this, White says “everything is based on the customer experience” and above all else, leaders must understand exactly who their customers are. While organizations may be procuring the same services and models as others in the market, leaders can find opportunities to differentiate themselves via an implementation process and design experience that is based on specific customer profiles. These profiles can reveal how customers consume and interact with AI solutions, which can then lead to opportunities for augmentation and thus further differentiation. White notes augmentation can actually create “durability or stickiness” for a product, resulting in a unique and profound experience for the customer.

Leaders basing their differentiation strategy on the customer experience may find this also enables them to anticipate the needs and desires of their customers—and it can happen quickly. This may require collaboration with vendors and influencing them to think about innovative features that can be implemented in an organization’s pre-existing models and embedded into the overall solution. Ultimately, it is the customer who drives the decision-making process for leaders looking to remain ahead of their competitors in a way that is both timely and relevant to their organization’s needs.

AI in organizations

With many organizations eager to take advantage of AI solutions provided by vendors, it can be difficult for leaders to determine the best ways to compete in a marketplace that offers similar services and offerings. White urges leaders to base their strategy on the customer and allow their findings to determine their path forward.

The AI Global Council delves into three other perspectives regarding the build versus buy debate and discusses ways that leaders can approach the conversation.

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