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From the AI Global Council: Leveraging collaboration in the AI space

Chioma Chukwuma

The AI Global Council is a consortium of thought leaders and industry figures from a diverse range of backgrounds who have joined together in response to the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI). 

In their first meeting, the Council discussed the pathways organizations that plan to buy their AI solutions can take to remain differentiated in a market where the same models and services are sold. Alisa Miller, chief executive officer at Pluralytics, recommends leaders take a collaborative approach to this challenge. The various applications of large language AI models to an organization’s unique needs create opportunities for learning, and Miller suggests that it is in this ever-changing space of collaboration and discovery that differentiation can be found. 

Leveraging collaboration in the AI space

As companies experiment with using AI to solve their organization’s issues, a corresponding repository of timely and highly specific knowledge grows. Furthermore, organizations that choose buying over building their AI solutions have the opportunity to turn to AI companies and experiment together to create more customized AI solutions.

Considering this, Miller proposed there is potential for a symbiotic relationship to form between organizations and their vendors. Organizations can collaborate with their vendors and provide insights that influence the vendor’s final deliverable in a way that is more tailored to their needs, and vendors can benefit from the insights derived from their buyers who use their products in distinct ways. This extends the benefit of collaboration into the “buy versus build” debate the Council previously discussed. While organizations may believe they are simply receiving a generic, market-ready AI product when they choose to buy, Miller urged leaders to communicate their needs and collaborate with their vendors, as there is still a big opportunity to craft something more specific to your organization.

With this in mind, organizations who choose to buy their AI solutions find themselves in a win-win situation by having the benefits of lower cost and faster delivery while also having the ability influence the building process.

As a broader part of this conversation, the AI Global Council explores other ways organizations can stay differentiated from companies that are using the same services and models in their own work.

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