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From the AI Global Council: Benefits of assessing AI maturity within an organization

Conner Gregory

Artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to emerge as a transformative force in our rapidly evolving technological landscape. To participate in the advancement of AI technologies, policies, and ethics on a global scale, the AI Global Council—a group founded with the vision of fostering collaboration and reshaping the responsible development and deployment of AI—is addressing important questions regarding AI adoption.

At the council's second meeting this past January, one of the key discussion points was the benefit of assessing AI maturity within an organization. We asked three experts in the field of AI to provide their thoughts on this topic. Watch excerpts of their responses and read key takeaways below.

Key benefits of assessing AI maturity within an organization

Alisa Miller, CEO of Pluralytics, says assessing an organization's AI maturity offers several advantages. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the organization's AI-adoption readiness through looking at its existing systems, as well as the overall culture of innovation. Once completed, an assessment can serve as a strategic compass, helping to align AI initiatives with the organization's overarching goals, such as improving overall efficiency or combatting industry disruption.

JoAnn Stonier, chief data officer of MasterCard, feels that assessing AI maturity in an organization enables exploration of innovation opportunities, as well as an evaluation of the associated risks with AI adoption. This enables organizations to develop a holistic picture of the opportunities in front of them, all while comparing the benefits against the related risks.

Trisha Meyer, a professor of digital governance at the Brussels School of Governance, says an AI maturity assessment serves as the foundational step in AI strategy development, helping to clarify end goals and identify what existing gaps to address. Additionally, an assessment can offer insights into the organization's current capacity, enabling informed decisions on leveraging existing resources for further advancement in AI integration.

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The AI Global Council stands at the forefront of fostering responsible AI adoption globally. Discussions within the council emphasize the necessity of avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to AI, urging organizations to assess its alignment with their specific goals and systems. By prioritizing thoughtful implementation over chasing AI as an end goal, organizations can harness its potential to deliver value, delight customers, and address real-world challenges effectively.

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