CultureOct 05, 2020

Credera Impact: How to Vote & Get Involved

Sarah Bruner

At Credera, we believe strongly in our mission statement to make an extraordinary impact on our clients, our colleagues, and our communities. One of the best ways we can do all three is to participate in our local and national community by voting! But this year is different from many other years. Access to voting places is not as easy, finding a ride to a polling place is more difficult, and making the right choices to keep your family safe can be trying.

In order to help with some of these challenges and do our part to get the vote out, we shared some detailed information with our Credera family. Hopefully it is helpful for you as well!

Prepare to Vote

Take some time to make sure you are prepared to vote. Helpful sites such as and offer a lot of practical information.

Serve Your Community

Our Credera family has the day off to vote so we also highlighted opportunities to serve in our local communities.

Spend Your Time at the Polls

As we know, election day polling centers are often staffed by senior citizens in our communities; however, those individuals are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19 and may not be able to work the polls in 2020. We see this as a need in our communities and want to encourage any of you who are able and who feel comfortable with the risk to consider manning the polls this year. We are quite fortunate to be among the nations in the world where we can elect our national, state, and local leaders, and Credera has an unusual opportunity to take part in enabling this liberty in our communities. For information on volunteering at the polls in your specific county, please visit or

Volunteer in Your Broader Community

Being a poll worker might not be the best way to volunteer for many people because of work obligations or other considerations. We’ve listed a few ways to get involved on November 3 or at any time:

  • Offer rides to the polls. Some people have challenges actually getting to the polls, so you can help by offering rides.

  • Complete your 2020 Census.

  • Donate blood locally.

  • Reach out to a school district and see if they need e-learning technology assistance for parents or caregivers.

Get Out and Vote

We hope that this information is valuable as you plan for Nov. 3, 2020. We believe voting is a clear way to exercise Credera’s mission and look forward to participating however we can throughout election season. Now, go vote!

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