TransformationMay 26, 2021

Are You Failing to Deliver a Single View of the Customer?

Nigel Hughes, Josh Nicholson, James Breeze, and Nick Hamman

Personalizing your services and offering a customized experience is cited as the number one enabler to boost sales and conversions by marketers. Reaching the holy grail of a connected, personalized experience requires organizations to have a single, unified, and consistent view of the customer.

Organizations must pursue “connectedness” across the organization and its data to obtain that single view and deliver a true, personalized connection with the end customer.

Are you failing to deliver a single view of the customer?

Read our latest insights on how ensuring "connectedness" across four business areas will help you achieve a single view of the customer and personalized insights. Written by our Credera UK senior MarTech leadership team, this is a must-read for organizations looking to create a single, unified, and consistent view of the customer.

In this four-part whitepaper, we’ll discuss:

  • The four key initiatives marketing and technology departments need to focus on to achieve true connectedness

  • The specific areas where organizations are typically failing

  • Tried and tested advice from technology and business transformation consultants who have delivered complex transformation programs

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