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The role of the CMO has rapidly evolved over the last decade. Savvy marketers have had to totally rethink their tech and data strategies, and new privacy rules are making it harder for CMOs to collect customer data and make smart, informed marketing decisions.

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In a new Credera study, we surveyed over 200 CMOs and senior brand executives to learn how these leaders are addressing today’s marketing challenges. The CMOs surveyed work in organizations with a minimum global revenue of $100M and an annual marketing budget of at least $10M. Additionally, several leading brand-side marketers reveal how their organizations are addressing their challenges with real examples.

The Savvy CMO Survey is broken down into 4 parts, each exploring the key areas that today’s marketing leaders face. Here’s what you’ll get when you download the full report:

  • In part one, we review how ready organizations are for inevitable data privacy changes and how to ensure this doesn't affect marketing activity negatively.

  • In part two, we measure how agile marketing departments are and what they can do to improve speed to market with cross-functional teams.

  • In part three, we look at how far organizations are on their CX journey and what they can do to ensure this is set up for optimal success.

  • In part four, we explore "tech vs talent", uncovering how confident CMOs are with their current team skillsets and what can be done to upskill marketers in an increasingly technical environment.

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