Mar 02, 2017

Winning with Digital in a World of Customer-led Disruption

Justin Bell
Phil Lockhart
Hugh DeWitte

Justin Bell, Phil Lockhart, and Hugh DeWitte

Winning with Digital in a World of Customer-led Disruption

Executives are experiencing a cycle of digital business transformation.

As the C-suite grapples with significant change, the customer continues to (rightly) demand more and more. Understanding this reality is a breakthrough for leaders; getting out in front of this massive shift should be the goal. It won’t be easy but valuable templates have begun to emerge.

Winning with Digital in an Era of Customer-Led Disruption explores how executives across industries and markets can best manage their digital transformation strategy and create innovative, future-proof organizations. Principally, the authors consider Culture, People, Processes, and Technology as critical areas of the business and provide practical recommendations and insights (as well as case study examples) of how executives have been successful in understanding and choosing to act in light of these digital trends.

Within this paper, you will find 16 actionable recommendations across the following critical areas of the business:

  • Culture – How we match our actions to the pace of the business cycle

  • People – How we empower our teams to create meaningful change

  • Process – How we shift our ways-of-working in pursuit of greater effectiveness

  • Technology – How we efficiently use what we have to do more

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