Dec 30, 2009

Windows Azure – Case Studies

Credera Team

Credera Team

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Windows Azure demonstrates the degree to which technology and services are available at the global level. Companies around the world are using Azure to enable services and applications that serve local and global geographies. Microsoft has done a great job of enabling Azure in many different geographies, as the following examples demonstrate.

Sopima, a U.S. based company that provides services for managing business contract life cycles and OCCMundial, a Mexico based company that provides an online job listing application, both switched to the Windows Azure platform. Each company plans to save U.S. $500,000 per year by using cloud services rather than maintaining their own infrastructure. Both companies are excited that they will be able to have technical staff focus on development rather than infrastructure. Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is moving its .NET 3.5 solution to Azure from two hosted data centers, and will be saving $100,000 per year. KBB evaluated other software-plus-service solutions and selected Azure based on cost, ease of management and available features.

TradeFacilitate, a company that helps importers and exporters in the European Union, needed a system that would allow them to scale out quickly and enable them to serve customers outside of the E.U. and enable efficient data transactions between the U.S. and the E.U. Utilizing the integrated development environment that is available in Visual Studio, they were able to quickly migrate their code base to run in the cloud. By using Azure, they were able to scale their applications without needing more staff to manage a more complex infrastructure.

TicketDirect International is a major ticketing service for venues in Australia and New Zealand. The nature of ticket sales involves peak loads, and their internal solution requires extra staff and time to manage. Working with a Microsoft partner, they have decided to move their solution to Windows Azure and their database to SQL Azure so that they can focus further on customer-centered needs, give up the cost of maintaining their own production hardware, and cost-efficiently enable scaling for peak loads.

Glympse provides a web-based location-sharing application for use with GPS-enabled phones. The company constantly evaluates hosting services, and recently moved from Amazon to Azure for the integrated development environment. The development environment and available services provided with Azure surpass those offered by Amazon. Additionally, Glympse found that the performance of Azure exceeded that available with the Amazon service.

The Associated Press provides news that is seen by more than half of the world’s population on any given day. In an effort to encourage more applications to use information available from them, they created a highly scalable API that can be used by developers worldwide. The company uses SQL Azure, Windows Azure and the Azure Service Bus to efficiently enable integrations, selectively expose services outside the firewall, take the worry out of capacity planning, and provide high quality development tools. The management capabilities for deployment and capacity needs in Azure far exceeded those available with other cloud providers.

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