Sep 02, 2015

Why Choose Credera

Lynne Lively

Lynne Lively

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The consulting industry is known for long hours and excessive travel—often at the expense of time with family. At Credera, we recognize that client deadlines often require extended, challenging days. However, we also understand the importance of family and a healthy, integrated life that achieves balance for every team member. While we are committed to serving our clients well, we also aim to create a work environment that is appealing, life-giving, and fulfilling.

Our Culture

A common phrase we use at Credera is, “Love what you do, love who you do it with, and love who you come home to.” While this may sound idealistic, our commitment to building a great company culture, careful attention to employee surveys, and an unwavering commitment to hiring top talent, make this motto a reality for many Crederians.

“We are a family-oriented firm. Our culture is what we live and breathe,” said Bryan Plantes, Manager in the Business Intelligence Solutions Practice.

“What’s really impressed me is everybody here is extremely talented, smart, humble, and helpful. The people here are just amazing,” said Marshall Treadaway, Architect in the Java eCommerce Solutions Practice.

Team Player Concept

Leaders at Credera grow quickly. Within 6 months, they gain more exposure than what most consultants gain in two years working at large firms. Our consultants are consistently growing in their technical capabilities, strategic capabilities, and leadership capabilities. They work on exciting and challenging projects, collaborating closely with their team members.

“We have a team player concept, so you know that the guy standing next to you is pulling on the rope as hard as you are,” said Trent Sutton, Vice President and Partner at Credera.

Mentor Program

Credera facilitates a mentor program that is more than just a formal process. Mentors facilitate a smooth transition into the firm, assist with career development, provide guidance, and are available to discuss any questions or concerns.

Performance and Annual Feedback

Credera implemented a review process known as the CPM (Career Performance Management) that provides consultants with timely and accurate feedback. This process helps our consultants stay on track and ensure the work they are providing clients is valuable.

This provides a glimpse into consulting at Credera. If you are seeking an exciting change of pace, we encourage you to check out a couple of our current openings listed below and visit our careers page to find out more about life at Credera!

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