Apr 27, 2018

What Gets You out of Bed in the Morning?

Morgan Eseke

Morgan Eseke

What Gets You out of Bed in the Morning?

In a recent global survey of 200,000 people, employees were asked to rank factors for job happiness. Their findings? “Good relationships with colleagues” was found to be one of the highest-ranking contributors for job satisfaction.

Workplace Relationships Make All the Difference

If nearly one-third of our waking hours are spent on the job, it’s no wonder the quality of our colleagues matters. When pressure is high or a project becomes challenging, working alongside individuals whom you respect and enjoy makes all the difference. Not to mention the exponential amount of personal growth that happens when individuals of high character and excellence in their craft collaborate.

Elite teams tend to sharpen one another. When great people work together, excellent leaders are developed and exceptional work is created. And when those teams are able to laugh and have fun together as they accomplish great things, it fosters a magnetic, thriving work environment, one that is easy to get up for on weekday mornings.

Team Credera

Credera desires to create an environment where employees are excited to come to work in the morning, but also have the freedom to balance personal priorities. We recognize that building and maintaining an outstanding team will be an ongoing (albeit worthy) effort. Excellent things tend to require intentional focus, which is why recruiting top talent and values-led leaders will always remain a priority. Still, we are encouraged by the countless Glassdoor reviews that speak candidly to the caliber of Credera’s people:

  • “To internal Credera staff: It’s a joy to work with you. The caliber of our people is staggering, from our new hires off campus to our senior leadership team. I learn so much from each of you and am impressed by the quality of what you create.”

  • “What’s really stood out though, is how I always feel like the people I’m working with are not only great at their jobs, but also have my back.”

  • “Credera has great people throughout every level of the organization. People are passionate, smart, and caring enough to give you their time to make you better and make the organization better.”

  • “The people genuinely care about one another. I’ve considered a few other companies over the years, but personally believe it is best for me to work around people I look up to and can learn from. There are lots of job options, but I believe there are only a few companies where the friends I have at work are the same ones I would hang out with outside of work and actually become a better person as a result. I believe we become who we surround ourselves with and I can’t imagine a better group of people for that role in my work life.”

Jake Carter’s Perspective

In this video, Jake Carter, a principal in Credera’s Management Consulting Practice, shares his experience and why he chose Credera after beginning his career at Google.

“The reason people choose Credera is because they can do meaningful work with people they actually want to do it with,” says Jake.

As Jake says, the opportunity to work alongside people who are “high achievers, but also low-ego team-players” is one of the primary reasons Credera staff (myself included) are eager to wake up and go to work in the mornings.

My Credera

Culture is something that is experienced in a variety of different ways. We’re sharing the many ways Crederians experience our culture in a series called My Credera. The heart behind this series is for our company, employees, clients, and friends to have an inside look at the Credera culture by reading about our employees’ “My Credera” moments. In this series, we are talking about our core values, personal and professional growth, mentorship, community involvement, favorite Credera memories, life after college, and what it looks like to create a career at Credera.

At Credera, we love to celebrate every achievement, milestone, and moments of growth. We are excited to open up and invite you in to experience those celebrations with us. If you’d like to learn more about joining the Credera family, we invite you to visit our careers page.

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