Aug 13, 2020

Unlock Extraordinary: A Credera Rebrand

Ally White
Ryan Chen

Ally White and Ryan Chen

Unlock Extraordinary: A Credera Rebrand

In Credera’s over 20-year existence as a consulting firm, we have grown a lot. In each stage of growth as a company, we’ve evolved and adapted. Whether you’re a person or a brand, with growth comes change. For you and I that may mean a haircut, and for Credera that looks like a brand refresh. Either way, change is exciting and a key part of growth.  

Why rebrand? That’s a question that can be answered in so many ways from so many different perspectives. For Credera, we took a look at where we came from, where we are, and where we wanted to be regarding our brand and realized we had many inconsistencies in our visual brand identity and also in how we tell our story.

History of Credera’s Brand Identity

Credera was founded by Matt Levy and Ty Anderson in 1999 with the purpose of creating an organization full of people whose daily lives reflected servant leadership. The early Credera team had a desire to serve and care for people—our clients, our employees, and our communities—with an others-first approach. This focus continues to be the bedrock of Credera’s mission, vision, and values.

Credera Logo History

Through this rebrand, Credera’s core and essence has stayed the same, we’ve simply found a way to tell our story that we believe does exactly what the early Credera team set out to do—put people first.

Meet the New Credera Brand

What's Included?

Well, we’re pretty excited about our new website—and if you’re reading this then you’ve already seen it! Before there was a website, we set out to create a comprehensive brand guide that includes our visual brand identify and updated messaging. Take a look for yourself below!

Brand Guide

Other items updated or added during the rebrand process:

Vision statement: To be a global, boutique consulting firm that is passionately dedicated to people and values.

Brand voice: Our brand voice is warm and humble. It is transparent and trustworthy, shown through clarity and specificity. Inclusive and relationship oriented, our voice reveals our belief that we are better together than apart. It is professional, with an innovative spirit, all while being rooted in and expressive of our core values.

Brand attributes: Credera’s brand attributes represent the overall essence of the brand and help define our brand personality. Credera’s core values guide each of us more broadly, while the brand attributes define the character and personality traits of our brand.

Logo: We updated the logo!

Credera Logo

Color system: We use color to convey our voice, our values, and our perspective as a company. Color is often the first element someone sees and is also our first impression. To maintain a cohesive brand and Credera’s unique look and feel, we updated our color system. 

Typography: The Credera type stack is a combination of two typefaces. We use Tiempos Headline, a structured serif font that conveys our professionalism and trustworthy message. Tiempos, in conjunction with the pure and geometric lines of the sans serif font Lato, reach a perfect balance between traditional and modern.

Supportive elements:

  • Underlines: The Credera red underlines are supportive elements to the Credera brand. Their goal is to add emphasis to the most important word or words in a phrase to drive action.

  • Illustrations: Introducing illustrations into our brand will give us new opportunities to express our brand voice and tone. It also gives us more flexibility to explain big ideas.  

  • Icons: Credera icons provide symbolism, conceptual clarity, and visual interest in simplistic shapes and forms.

  • Paper textures: Paper textures are another element we’ve introduced to provide dimension to our brand. It is subtle but organic, and it acts as a background divider between content or imagery.

  • New guidelines for photography, writing, PowerPoints, and more!

Looking Forward

On behalf of the marketing team at Credera, we want to extend a big thank you to all involved throughout the rebranding process. Especially those from our Experience Design Practice (both designers and developers) who led us through countless branding exercises and the true magicians behind the scenes who created what you see here today.

We are looking forward to this chapter of Credera and the impact we will be able to have on our clients, our people, and our communities. If you’re interested in learning more about joining the team at Credera, check out our new Life at Credera page or connect with us at

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