Aug 31, 2018

The Roster: Vol. 11

Ally White

Ally White

The Roster: Vol. 11

At Credera, we believe we’re truly better together. The Roster is a monthly series that allows you to get to know leaders at all levels across the firm.

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Bryan Plantes


Dallas, TX

Favorite App: Audible… I listen to many more books than I read

Life Hack: Use your car as a “university on wheels,” never go anywhere without listening to something that is growing your heart and mind

Favorite Tech Tool: Power BI

Now Playing: I was a big Breaking Bad fan and the prequel, Better Call Saul Season 4 is on right now…  the Amazon series All or Nothing featuring The Dallas Cowboys is something I am watching now

Favorite Book: In fiction, it’s Ready Player One and for non-fiction, it’s The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Passions Outside of Work: My kids and wife, planting a church in Richardson called Mosaic, kids with special needs via Young Life Capernaum, and woodworking

Personal Values: Legacy, Compassion, Empathy, Patience

Favorite Credera Memory:  Farkle losses are the best… My favorite was Matt Levy, Credera Founder, as Captain Snorkel walking through the Atlantis Bahamas Casino in a bathing suit, flippers, and snorkel gear asking casino gamblers for cigarettes and proceeding to break them in their face, throw them on the ground, and yell “I’m Captain Snorkel, and I’m here to fight cancer one cigarette at a time!”

Best Advice You’ve Received: The best thing you can do as a father is to pursue your relationship with your wife.

Biggest Influence in Life: There are many… My father who has taught me to be a hard worker and my mother who taught me compassion and generosity. Rob Borrego who has taught me that charisma is one of the greatest qualities of a leader, Matt Levy who has taught me that relationships are more important in business than the business itself, and Justin Bell who has taught me to maintain and keep up with friends you make. Scott Covington who has taught me how to think ahead all the time, Andrew Warden who has modeled strength and stoicism in leadership better than anyone I’ve encountered, and Jason Goth who has taught me a framework for how to structure the time I spend in my career. Lastly, Lauren Plantes who has taught me how to love and how to fall in love over and over again, and my kids (London & Lyla) who have taught me that time is more important than any other gift.

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Allison Kingsley


Houston, TX

Now Playing: The Crown (or anything made by Masterpiece Classic)

Favorite Sports Team: The American Raccoons, my intramural softball team for the past 4 years

Office Music Playlist: I can’t do words or podcasts while I am working, so I listen to the scores of movies instead. I have probably listened to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack almost 1000 times and am open to any recommendations!

Personal Goal: I want to read a biography on every president. I think their stories are fascinating and there is a lot of room to learn from them.

Favorite Credera Memory: Hurricane Harvey was a very emotional time for the city of Houston. Everyone was glued to the news all day long or out there helping neighbors (and strangers) who had been devastated and lost everything within a matter of hours. When Credera made the announcement to provide an upfront donation and commit to serving the city of Houston for the next year, I remember feeling incredibly proud to be a part of the Credera family.

Best Advice You’ve Received: I once read that there is no such thing as a neutral interaction with another person. You will inevitably leave someone a little better or a little worse. This has stuck with me and I try to remember it whether I am interacting with a barista at a coffee shop, delivering a client presentation or catching up with a friend. It helps remind me that even the most mundane activities affect others and I have the opportunity to positively impact someone each day.

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Patrick Alexander


Denver, CO

Favorite Tech Tool: Google’s Pixel 2

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Passions Outside of Work: Golf, softball, hiking, camping, snowboarding, yoga, and video games.

Favorite Sports Team: Iowa Hawkeye Football and the Chicago Cubs

Personal Values: I believe you must pair talent with hard work and don’t forget to have fun.

Favorite Credera Memory: This past winter, the Denver Credera Team got together for a ski day at Copper Mountain. It was an excellent reminder of how lucky I am to work with a great group of people who can have a lot of fun outside of work as well.

Mentorship Experience: I believe our mentorship program is one of the best things about Credera. I am very lucky that my mentors and leaders take the time to ensure I’m growing professionally and personally. Whether it is via lunch or one-on-one phone calls, I know I have the mentors and resources needed to always be learning and striving for the next step in my career.

Best Advice You’ve Received: “Be Smart.” – my father, Tom Alexander.

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