Jul 31, 2018

The Roster: Vol. 10

Ally White

Ally White

The Roster: Vol. 10

At Credera, we believe we’re truly better together. The Roster is a monthly series that allows you to get to know leaders at all levels across the firm.

Joshua Grear


Dallas, TX

Favorite App: My favorite apps are Fit Radio and Audible. I use Fit Radio while working out as it has premixed playlists by popular DJs specifically geared towards exercise by activity, pace or genre. I use Audible to make my commute, which is something I previously disliked, something I look forward to.

Now Playing: I am currently re-watching Archer for probably the 4th time. I would have said Game of Thrones, but who knows when the next season will be released.

Favorite Book: My favorite book is probably Ready Player One. I absolutely loved the book. The movie is pretty good too, but I enjoyed the book more.

Personal Value: The value I hold highest for myself is integrity. I think John C. Maxwell said it best by saying “Image is what people think we are; integrity is what we really are.” I strive to do what is right in every situation no matter the cost.

Passions Outside of Work: I love hanging out with friends, fishing, watching movies and working out.

Role Model: My father is my role model. He is a man of integrity and the hardest worker I’ve ever known.

Best Advice You’ve Received: The best advice I’ve been given is to be a good communicator. Communication is critical to every aspect of our lives and we don’t tend to focus on developing those skills. Good communication is the key to good relationships and successful careers.

Jaclyn Reed


Dallas, TX

Favorite AppYNAB, a budgeting app. It has allowed my money to work for me and granted me the freedom to spend money when I reach my goals…  Really enjoying my new back patio. 😊

Favorite Tech Tool: When I got my Mac, one of the features I missed from Windows was window snapping (easily aligning two apps side-by-side). BetterTouchTool allows you to fully customize actions based on keystrokes and trackpad buttons.

Passions Outside of Work: My family and my church. I have a smiley, almost 2-year-old son and my parents recently moved to the area. Most weekends are spent with my parents or my church group. We are just living life together, laughing together, and watching our kids grow up together.

Favorite Sports Team: As an alumna, I am a Baylor Bears fan through thick and thin, but I married a DFW native, so I am quickly becoming a Dallas Cowboys, Rangers, and Mavericks fan as well.

Office Music Playlist: Glenn Miller Band, Awesome Mix Vol. 1 (Guardians of the Galaxy), Various Romantic Comedy Soundtracks, and Christmas music (occasionally outside of December)

Favorite Credera Memory: My very first project was an unusually long one with an unusually large team that became like family over my first two years at Credera. This relatively junior team was under experienced leadership that helped to mold and shape us into the leaders we are today. To this day, those are some of my closest friends within Credera, both them and their spouses.

Mentorship Experience: I have had both formal (through the mentor program) and informal (on the project team) mentors throughout my tenure at Credera. My mentors have always been willing to go out of their way to meet with me, answer my questions and coach me throughout my career. My formal Credera mentors have been vital in key life transitions (moving to Dallas, transitioning to part-time). Early in my career, my informal mentors created stretch goals and opportunities for me within client situations to broaden my experience while always offering back-up support if needed.

Jeph Kryzak


Dallas, TX

Favorite AppGoogle Photos, this software does more work than any other app, with the least amount of effort from the user. Its ability to organize, document, tag, create and proliferate is miraculous and borderline creepy – which I appreciate. If you aren’t impressed with this app, let me give you a demo!

Now Playing: I am not accepting new shows at this time. I like the old stuff: The OfficeIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and when I’m feeling nostalgic, Miami Vice.

Favorite Book: There was a girl I liked in college whose favorite book was The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. I read it in an effort to impress her… She is now my wife. So that is truly my favorite book.

Passion Outside of Work: If there’s one thing I’m known for, it’s being a bit of a car fanatic. I’m moderately incapable of not steering a conversation towards that topic. And at the time of answering this question, the best car on the planet is the Porsche GT3.

Office Music Playlist: This is a daily struggle. I love 30 seconds from every song – perhaps that’s why I find myself listening to mashups all the time.

Favorite Credera Memory: 2017 XD Retreat, we took a bit of a risk arranging for our whole team to fly from Dallas to Denver, hit up the Rocky Mountains for a snowy hike, then back to Dallas… wait for it… all in the same day! It was a great success and paid off with memorable stories and photos. (Thanks, Google Photos)

Client Experience Highlight: Obtaining data through user testing and/or behavior analytics to inform design decisions might be as enlightening for me as it is valuable to the client. Discovery of those valuable, new, and often unexpected insights is a highlight for me.

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