Jan 28, 2022

The Credera Brief | Building Your SEO Marketing Strategy

Kyle Wahlquist

Kyle Wahlquist

The Credera Brief | Building Your SEO Marketing Strategy

In our latest edition of The Credera Brief video series, Credera’s SEO Subject Matter Expert Kyle Wahlquist shares three tips for incorporating search engine optimization into your marketing strategy. 

Three Tips For Planning Seo Into Your Marketing Strategy

Tip 1:  Understand What SEO Is

The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors
The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

For the first tip, Kyle starts off by letting us know what SEO is: 

“SEO is a science. It is led by data, forming hypotheses, and then testing on how you can improve your ranking and traffic for your organic channel.”   

At the core of the discipline is a complex set of proprietary algorithms, which experts in SEO have spent time understanding and deconstructing. The designers of these algorithms (Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.) will give glimpses into how they work, but never tell you exactly. In other words, there is far less data immediately available to organic marketers as there is for their paid channel counterparts.

Due to this, SEO analysts must take what they have learned from the providers themselves, other industry experts, and market channel data and form a set of hypotheses on how they can improve their webpages and ranking to get more (“free”) traffic.

From that list of hypotheses, you then make bets on what is more likely to provide large impacts for the channel versus those that are less likely to improve performance. You then develop experiments that include content, design, and technology enhancements. Not all experiments will be a success, but we do expect the process to unearth successful updates. By running many experiments, you diversify your risk of investment, and increase your probability of increasing significant, cost effective (read high ROI) traffic returns.

Tip 2: Move SEO Data & Insights Further Up Your Digital Marketing Process

Overview of a Mature SEO Approach
Overview of a Mature SEO Approach

For Kyle’s second point, he explains why SEO is best incorporated early into your digital marketing processes:

“Traditionally, most organizations treated SEO as a review stage for content or campaign delivery. Ultimately, we encourage you to bring the data and the practices of SEO up into the decision processes to lead the organization.” 

If business leaders are making their decisions with other channels in focus, by the time the output of your marketing initiatives gets to your SEO team, it can be too late. At best, the initiatives may not be able to provide maximum value, but at worst, you may find you’ve spent time and money on initiatives that provide no value to increasing organic traffic.

Take the data from your SEO analysts and bring that into your conversations much earlier in the process.  

Tip 3: Make Sure SEO Encompasses Holistic & Programmatic Solutioning

Marketing Organization Reference Architecture
Marketing Organization Reference Architecture

In tip three, Kyle explains the scope of SEO and how to design solutions that grow your organic channel across all dependencies. 

“SEO encompasses technology, strategy, and design. Ensuring that you are bringing SEO up into a holistic, programmatic approach will ensure that it is not being siloed and you are getting maximum value out of these initiatives.”

At Credera, we realize SEO is not a task someone in your organization does. It is how your organization comes together in a way to optimize your presence across your entire digital footprint. As such, there are many impact points across various groups of your organization that impact your organic channel (knowingly or unknowingly).  

Given this complex operating ecosystem that spans between marketers, engineers, designers, strategists, financiers, etc., we have developed a robust marketing architecture framework we use to evaluate our client partners (pictured above).  This allows us to better illustrate the current state of the business and provide insights for operational efficiencies among groups that grow SEO value and organic channel traffic. 

Learn More About Enterprise SEO

If you are looking for ways to boost the efficiency of your marketing budget, increase organic traffic, or are just looking for a more cohesive way to run digital initiatives, we would love for you to learn more about enterprise SEO with us. Learn more at or contact us directly at

The Credera Brief 

At Credera, we believe the toughest business challenges are best solved by a team—a team who works together to share knowledge to accomplish their goals.  

We created The Credera Brief series to distill trends and ideas from Credera leaders and experts. These short-form videos share different insights and perspectives across the topic spectrum from MarTech and SEO, to innovationstrategy, and technology.  

You can find the complete series on our YouTube page, or reach out to to continue the conversation.

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