Oct 05, 2021

The Credera Brief | Balancing Your Triple Constraints

Credera Team

Credera Team

The Credera Brief | Balancing Your Triple Constraints

In our latest edition of The Credera Brief video series, Nickoria Johnson, Principal and Chief Diversity Officer at Credera, shares key insights into what makes projects and programs successful, even in the post-pandemic, virtual world. 

Balancing Time, Scope, and Cost

Did you know that for every $1 billion invested in programs and projects, $109 million is lost to project management challenges? 

So why is it, in an era of unprecedented tools and technology, agile frameworks, and better integrated organizations, we find ourselves struggling to get our initiatives done on time, on budget, and with great quality? 

“As with many other paradigms and models,” Johnson explains, “the cycles just return us to a point where we need to refocus on the basics, the building blocks.”

These building blocks consist of time, scope, and cost, otherwise known as an organization’s triple constraints. At Credera, we find many of our clients struggle with balancing their triple constraints, and no matter how hard they try, if one constraint falls out of order, the others follow suit. When the triple constraints begin to falter, it seeps into the rest of the initiative and frustrated and overworked teams, low quality work, and misalignment appear.

The Triple Constraint Triangle
The Triple Constraint Triangle

Here at Credera, we believe leaning into these challenges is part of achieving excellence. Our proven techniques and skilled resources can help pinpoint issues and right the ship before it’s too late. Oftentimes, having a third party alongside you can help provide transparency and visibility into the complexities of project and program management.

The Credera Brief 

At Credera, we believe the toughest business challenges are best solved by a team—a team who works together to share knowledge to accomplish their goals.  

We created The Credera Brief series to distill the trends and ideas from Credera leaders and experts. These short-form videos will share different insights and perspectives across the topic spectrum from MarTech and innovation to strategy and technology.  

You can find the complete series on our YouTube page, or reach out to to continue the conversation.

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