Jan 30, 2017

Texas A&M and a Remarkable New Graduate Experience

Amanda Dunham

Amanda Dunham

Texas A&M and a Remarkable New Graduate Experience

I’m still fairly new to the corporate world. Eighteen months ago, I was a senior at Texas A&M University. I remember waiting in line to get into the Engineering Career Fair, a stack of resumes in my hand and a knot in my stomach. I’ve never been a fan of interviews, much less talking to dozens of companies in a single day, hoping that they will just consider interviewing me. But with the promise of employment ahead, I stuck it out. I gave the same speech about myself over and over as I bounced from booth to booth, and I heard virtually the same language from most of the recruiters that I spoke with. The work we do is exciting and challenging. We have great mentorship programs. Our company values are the cornerstone of our business. In a world where I heard so much about people hating their jobs, it sounded a little too good to be true.

In the weeks following that career fair, my hard work, long hours and late nights studying began to show early evidence of paying off. A few companies expressed interest and invited me to dinner, interviews and then site visits. One company in particular stood out. While all my options seemed good, Credera seemed different. The people I met during the recruiting process were some of the smartest and most genuine people I had ever encountered. Now, after almost seven months of working for this firm, I can say with full confidence that there are places where the things I heard promised at the career fair are actually true. Companies with a high standard for both talent and culture do exist. And I am proud to work for one.

Culture at Credera

Credera is a different kind of consulting firm. Our leaders are determined to create a company that not only does excellent work but also develops excellent workers. The foundation are core values that are consistently lived out: humility, excellence, professionalism, and integrity. These are not words merely mentioned on the company website or an occasional PowerPoint, they are characteristics that define everyday life in the workplace and drive what we do.

Using a model best described as servant leadership, employees at Credera are not cold technical experts called in to tell clients how to fix their problems. We seek to understand our clients’ challenges and come alongside offering our help while serving someone we care about. This closely held view is shared by new hires and consistently modeled by our senior leaders. The best way to help a client is to provide teams of talented employees who feel valued and supported, and who are characterized by a desire to see one another succeed.

That’s one of the reasons why the value of connecting with one another is appropriately elevated here. Our leaders have seen the value of creating a space where employees feel known and respected which in turn cultivates an atmosphere where accountability, humility, and honesty are readily embraced.

Credera Talent

Of course, an amazing culture is nothing if not full of employees who are excellent at their craft. In my case, technical depth and understanding are critical, especially when you’re a consultant!

At Credera, I work with some of the smartest, most talented people I have ever met. The talent spans across the firm at every level and in every practice. As a college hire, I had a solid background in computer science when I entered the workforce, but I still had (and have) so much to learn. Even in my short tenure I have been expanded my skills and broadened my knowledge base. My colleagues are knowledgeable, capable, and passionate about what they do. Their example drives the development of new talent simply by being excellent at what they do.

Learning Opportunities

There are clear expectations set for employees at every level. We are encouraged to grow in our technical skills, our leadership and our consulting skills, and it is easy to understand the path to growth because the resources are right at our fingertips.

Not only are there curriculum plans and internal projects to participate in, there is also mentorship. Having mentors is extremely powerful. When younger employees connect with those who have more experience, it allows them to learn and grow in a more personal environment.

Credera team members are eager to help one another learn. As a new hire, I have had the chance to hone my skills under the direction of leaders and coworkers who are both incredibly proficient and understanding teachers. This has allowed me to rapidly grow the skills and confidence necessary to become a contributing member of my team, which has helped me feel like a valuable member of the firm and Credera family.

Culture and Talent

The right balance of talent and culture make a company truly amazing. Credera blends the two in a way that makes me excited to go to work, excited to learn, and excited to be involved in something bigger than myself. Life at Credera is truly special. It reminds me of Texas A&M and the pride we Aggies feel about our school. Gig‘em.


We’re “open-sourcing” the Credera culture in a series called Life at Credera. We are sharing an authentic perspective on what we are learning and where we are growing. We are talking about friendships and fungrowth, higher purpose, talent and character, leadership, and communication.

We hope this series is a helpful resource on the continuous pursuit of a great culture. And we hope the results are encouraging to our company, employees, clients, and friends.

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