Mar 27, 2019

Strength Is in the Difference

Sarah Bruner

Sarah Bruner

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“The practical advantage of diversity boils down to this: a group of people with different perspectives usually makes better decisions and finds more creative solutions than those who have largely similar views, backgrounds, and skill sets.” – Patrick Lencioni, Founder of the Table Group

The Value of Differences

High performers know that learning from others is critical for success. Being around people who challenge your assumptions and push to a better result is evidence of a diverse and productive culture.

Companies such as Credera believe that building an organization with diversity of thought and background results in better teams for our employees and work for our clients. Recent research backs this up. A survey found that companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile.

Diversity at Credera

Over the years, Credera has worked to increase employee diversity by being strategic about how we hire as well as the types of activity and values we reward. We’ve found that when diversity of thought is present, perspectives are broadened and better outcomes are achieved both internally and for our clients. Transparently, we have not yet mastered the diversity and inclusion equation, as is true in many organizations. Still, finding ways to further expand our range of employee diversity and enhance the way employees find belonging at work regardless of differences remains a priority.

Credera President Justin Bell describes the premium he puts on prioritizing diversity of thought at Credera: “More diverse teams make better decisions, get to more innovative decisions, and perform better overall.”

Bell also explains, “I’m very optimistic about our future overall at Credera but specifically about the momentum we’re building with women in leadership.”

Shaping the Future

Seema Desai, senior manager in Credera’s Management Consulting Practice, is a part of the leadership team of the Credera Women’s Network, a women’s initiative that provides mentoring and professional development events for the women of Credera. In this video, Desai shares why she’s excited about being a part of determining the future of the firm:

“I have the opportunity to really shape the future of our firm and to have a say and a voice and a hand at building a path for the current and future women of our firm. That’s empowering, I love that opportunity and I’m going to do everything in my power to do that well.”

Alex Moore, Credera’s director of talent acquisition, leads Credera’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee that is tasked with promoting diversity and inclusion in various ways at the firm. In the video, Alex explains how her diverse perspective is valued at Credera.

Come Grow With Us

We believe that Credera is a place where diverse opinions are valued, and people are given the tools and encouraged to grow into their best selves.

“I am on the path to the best version of myself both professionally and personally by getting to be a part of this firm and a part of this team,” says Moore.

If this culture sounds like something you value, we’d love to share more. We invite you to visit our careers page or reach out to us to learn more about how you could fit at Credera.

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