May 13, 2014

SharePoint Information Architecture: The New Paradigm

Jesus Salazar
Mike Moore

Jesus Salazar and Mike Moore

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Every year at SharePoint TechFest, we pick topics that are relevant to the challenges that organizations are facing today or topics that are evolving due to trends in the marketplace.  With the rate at which information is growing and the rapidly evolving ways in which employees are sharing information and collaborating, we chose to present on one of our favorite and most exciting topics:  Information Architecture. 

With pressures such as information overload, a changing workforce, and Enterprise 3.0 on the horizon, the definition of Information Architecture (IA) needs to be revisited and tweaked in order to scale to meet these imminent demands!

In our presentation we talked about what these pressures mean to your business, your information, and most importantly…how you address these challenges in a practical, thoughtful way through sound Information Architecture.

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If you currently feel like no matter what you do from an IA perspective, your users are struggling to find the content they need, you may be facing a scalability problem with how you think about IA.  Watch our presentation on YouTube titled:  “Information Architecture:  The New Paradigm – Should a person find the data or should the data find the person?”

We will help you figure out what pieces of IA you should be focusing on and will follow up with a practical example and demo of how to deal with the infamous “sprawling collaboration sites issue.”

If you have questions after watching the video, please feel free to ask them in the comment box below. Or send us a message at

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