Feb 11, 2015

Recharge With a Hobby

Justin Miller

Justin Miller

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1. an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

I am a firm believer that you need to have a hobby to take a break from your everyday work life. If I did not have hobbies, I would literally go insane. As a graphic designer I need to recharge my batteries and take a break from looking at a computer screen all day long. In the past I’ve enjoyed recording music and playing sports. Recently I developed a passion for screen printing. It’s magic!

My Screen Printing Hobby

Months ago I decided to build a workbench and attach a small screen printer to print my own designs from home. I have always been fascinated with creating things from scratch. I tend to look at my creations like a proud father. The main reason I wanted to print shirts was because I saw designs I liked in the store but did not want to pay an outrageous price. My newfound hobby came to be when I purchased good quality shirts and began to print my own designs.

I knew there would be a significant learning curve as I entered the unfamiliar territory. I was prepared for the challenge and looked forward to learning a lot from the experience. So far I have only printed a couple of designs. I’ve gained a decent amount of knowledge, both negative and positive. Each time I start from scratch I make a million mistakes. However, each design gets progressively better. It has been nice to take a break from digital creation. The opportunity to create a concrete object while getting my hands dirty has been really fun. Being a rookie requires a lot of patience. I learned quickly that you can’t rush the process.

Try Something New

My motivation in sharing this is to inspire you. It’s my hope you try new things and develop one or two new hobbies. This recent endeavor of mine may or may not turn into something down the road. Whatever the outcome, I am proud that I challenged myself and tried something new.

If you have a passion for something—no matter how big or small—be intentional about it.

Here’s to hoping your newfound hobby is purchasing amazingly designed T-shirts by yours truly!

Need help finding a hobby? Here is the largest hobby list on the Internet—enjoy!

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