Oct 08, 2013

The Path to Becoming a Credera Consultant

Steven Miklosko

Steven Miklosko

The Path to Becoming a Credera Consultant
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Looking for a job out of college quickly became a routine. A nerve-wracking routine, but a predictable one. I’d put on my most professional attire, actually style my hair, and head out to career fairs to meet companies looking for the brightest and best Oklahoma State had to offer.

I’d line up a few interviews and without fail, every question had a single goal: determining if I had the required technical knowledge. I don’t know how companies could possibly sort through all the applicants. Technical knowledge didn’t reveal much. My fellow applicants and I took the same classes, we had similar GPAs, we knew the same stuff.

The routine ended abruptly with Credera. They weren’t looking for just technical knowledge—they also wanted people with passion: passion to help others; passion to work hard; passion to be accountable; passion to be a good person. After talking to Credera and investigating their website, it became clear that Credera’s primary objective was providing the best services possible, not making the largest profit. They truly cared about finding the solutions their clients needed.

I was anxious about this interview. Not because I didn’t have the answers or the passion, but because it wasn’t routine. I knew this would be a company I’d be proud to work for. I wanted to be able to tell my friends and family that I worked for a place that cared about me.

My interviews with Credera were unlike any other interviews I’ve had. Nothing routine here at all. While there were similarities in demonstrating my core skills, what stood out most was their focus on the type of person I was. Did I express excitement in the work I did? Did I have humility and integrity? Did I come across as someone who cared for others rather than someone just focused on the paycheck?

No one asked these questions; instead the answers came out in conversation. I was able to display my passion for being not just a problem solver, but also someone who could effectively communicate and empathize with clients, have frank and honest conversations, and be willing to do the dirty work. In other words, did I have the qualities to be an effective consultant? Apparently, the answer was yes.

I got the job.

Credera demands excellence and leadership. Employees must be able to learn new technologies, assess a wide variety of problems, find the best solutions, and be competent in multiple fields. Credera sets high standards, which means good work gets done and employees are treated well.

This is why I decided to be a Credera consultant. I wanted to be with people who did good work and enjoyed helping others. It’s qualities like these that defy the routine and define a Credera consultant.

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