Oct 30, 2019

Where is Your Organization in the Growth Lifecycle?

Josh Hamit

Josh Hamit

Where is Your Organization in the Growth Lifecycle?

Every business goes through phases of the organizational growth lifecycle, facing different challenges and opportunities in each stage. It’s an ever-changing ride; what you focus on today may not be what’s necessary or important for your business tomorrow.

The first step to real growth is to identify which phase your business is in. Simply put, as your business grows and develops, so should your business goals, plans, and strategies– and that’s why an awareness of what stage of the growth lifecycle you are currently in is crucial. Having an authentic understanding of where your organization is at is the only path to real, long-term success and repeated innovation.

Self-awareness, though, can be a difficult pursuit. Perhaps you learn things about yourself or your company that you didn’t realize? Perhaps you don’t even know what metrics to use for this kind of evaluation? We’ve frequently found that many of our clients desire alignment on which phase their organization is in. Once this alignment is achieved, then the organization can tackle many other growth opportunities.

Exploring the Organizational Growth Lifecycle

One of the first steps to helping a client with their initiatives is to look at where they are situated on Credera’s Growth Lifecycle Model by going through a set of questions that measure an organization’s level of maturity. For each of these phases, we have a list of questions to help you identify where you’re at.

Check out Credera’s Growth Lifecycle Model and the questions we use to evaluate and help companies grow in their awareness:

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Next Steps: Where you on Credera’s Growth Lifecycle Model?

Through our experiences with different industries and types of organizations, we’ve learned how to help companies foster innovation. Learn more about our innovation work with clients here, or reach out to a Credera innovation expert at if we can partner with you to achieve your transformation goals.

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