Jun 11, 2015

NodeSchool Dallas June Meetup

Sam Simmons
Steven Gangstead
Michael Davis

Sam Simmons, Steven Gangstead, and Michael Davis

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Last month, NodeSchool chapters around the world celebrated NodeSchool International Day. We had NodeSchoolers of all ages and experience levels at our special Dallas meetup at the Addison TreeHouse, and we all had a great time learning together. Here were some of our activities:

Node in the News

As usual, we kicked off the event with Node in the News. We talked about potential problems with threads in Node, Atom Shell becoming Electron, and Node/ARM love. And because it was International Day, we had some exciting news to share: Node.js and io.js are finally merging back together under the Node Foundation. Open governance and faster iteration for the win!

Node in the Wild

Next up, we had our first official Node in the Wild segment, where people using Node in production shared their project and Node experience. We had two people discuss their experiences for the first Node in the Wild, and we hope to have more in the future. If you are using Node in production and want to share at a future meetup, comment on our Node in the Wild volunteer issue on GitHub.

Workshop Section

After Node in the Wild, the workshop section of the meetup began. Some people finished up past workshoppers, others moved on to workshoppers of their choosing, and the rest worked on the special NodeSchool Dallas International Day project of building a new workshopper. Comder is a new workshopper that will teach NodeSchoolers all about the complete solution for building Node command-line interfaces, Commander. We still have a lot of work to go though, so let us know if you want to help out.

After the Event

This month, we’re back in the Credera office for our next event on June 24, 2015, and we’re featuring the Lololodash workshopper, an intro to the Lo-Dash library. Lo-Dash provides a cross-platform set of high-performance, functional programming utility functions that are useful in all sorts of JavaScript projects. Check out our event for more details, and don’t forget to bring your laptop.

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