Apr 20, 2015

Nodeschool Dallas April Meetup

Sam Simmons
Steven Gangstead
Michael Davis

Sam Simmons, Steven Gangstead, and Michael Davis

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At Credera we’ve noticed that there is a lot of enthusiasm about Node.js.  People want to take advantage of the framework’s blazing fast non-blocking asynchronous IO and get to use one of the most popular programming languages, JavaScript, in a new location – on the server!  We found Nodeschool ( to be a great repository of community developed workshops and started a Dallas chapter ( ).

Nodeschool is a collaborative learning workshop where you bring your own laptop and work through challenges with fellow attendees.  You can come work on the featured workshop of the night, or any other workshop that you are interested in.  We also briefly talk about any current events in the Node.js ecosystem.

Our next event is April 22, 2015 and we’re featuring the workshop “Expressworks” ( ) in which nodeschoolers will get to try out the Express.js web framework.  With Express and Node you will get exposure to half of the popular MEAN stack ( ).

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