Mar 30, 2009

MOSS Branding – Site Actions

Credera Team

Credera Team

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There are some great browser add-ons out there to help you as you brand your SharePoint site. My favorite of these being Mozilla’s Firebug for FireFox. There are some fairly hard styles to catch though, even with the assistance of on of these add-ons. Ever try branding all those links in the Site Actions drop down for example?

Though not all of your users may use or even see the Site Actions menu, this is still an area of SharePoint branding that you should consider covering. Its important that you touch all the necessary areas of your site to give the users a completed and cohesive look/feel while using the site.

Generally, styles I primarily use to change the main elements of Site Actions are as follows, though a quick search for “ms-menuUI” in core.css will lead you to the quick realization that this list is not near exhaustive:

[code lang=”css”]

.ms-MenuUIPopupBody TABLE{

color: menu item text;



color: menu item text;


.ms-MenuUIItemTableCell A,.ms-MenuUIItemTableCellHover A,.ms-MenuUIItemTableCellCompact A,.ms-MenuUIItemTableCellCompactHover A{

color: menu item link;



color: item description text;



color: item text on hover;



background-color:#ffde67; row on hover

border: row on hover;


.ms-MenuUIItemTableHover .ms-menuitemdescription{

color: item description text on hover;



background-color: separator line;



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