Dec 28, 2015

Microsoft’s Windows Intune & Your Bottom Line

Shawn Anderson

Shawn Anderson

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Think about your typical day. Picture when you are in an elevator, at lunch, around the office, or at home in the evenings.  When was the last time you did not see most people without some type of connected device? As businesses, people, and organizations continue to connect with each other, the tolerance and expectations for new solutions and services grow exponentially.

Our linchpin in providing these new services and solutions is technology. Today organizations are dependent upon technology and often hedge their bets on technology to give them a competitive edge. But creating such a dependency comes with a cost both in availability and efficiency. Microsoft realized this and developed a tool to help in the management and control of these costs. Windows Intune specifically focuses on downtime remediation (availability) and increasing efficiencies to build a healthier IT environment.

Reducing outages and streamlining efficiencies are a challenge for many organizations and especially the IT department. Windows Intune specifically focuses on downtime remediation (availability) and increasing efficiencies to build a healthier IT environment. IT often has to support a diversity of tools, users, and software configurations, increasing the complexity of day-to-day management and deployment of new services.  This complexity delays response times and increases labor requirements, often resulting is additional downtime or work stoppage for the employee and/or organization as a whole.

According to an IDC study, the largest area of opportunity for ROI is labor. By reducing the amount of time taken to manage, remediate, and implement new services, we can increase our efficiency. The five largest areas of labor are:

  • Downtime remediation

  • Help desk support

  • Administrative labor

  • Compliance labor

  • Multiple software solutions

When leveraging Windows Intune for centralized management of devices and servers, there has been a realized cost savings, in labor, of 74% spread across three years. We can get quick and rough numbers using the Microsoft Intune ROI calculator.

Our Numbers:

  • Number of devices: 1,200

  • Average annual salary for IT: $90,240

  • Average annual salary for end user: $76,256

  • Work hours per week: 37.5

  • Work weeks per year: 50

  • Windows Intune cost (annual): $132

It is essential for an organization to enable their IT teams the ability to focus on the delivery of new services while minimizing the day-to-day management. Windows Intune helps drive this. Intune is capable of delivering enterprise-class features in a cloud-based platform focusing on the delivery of:

  • User management – Consistent identity management with Azure AD

  • Device management – PC, server, and mobile device management (MDM)

  • Application management – Control and management of Office 365 applications

  • Data management – Azure rights management (RMS) data protection

These categories permit the organization to deliver increased services and lower TCO costs without increasing staff. Controlling labor costs is always a focus point for any organization but imagine being able to also improve both the organization’s and clients’ experience as well.

We can see the constant attachment to our devices has increased the criticality of our time and the business’s dollar. Organizations need help in balancing the time spent on moving one forward versus providing support services to employees and clients. With Windows Intune’s focus on remediation and support, greater efficiency is achieved by creating a healthier environment.  Healthy environments experience reduced labor and downtime costs thus improving your bottom line.

Ask yourself, how healthy is your environment? Could your bottom line use a boost? Can IT use some help? Answering these questions can be tough, let us help. Contact us

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