Dec 15, 2017

Marshall Treadaway Honored with Credera’s 12th Annual Living the Core Values Award

Ally White

Ally White

Marshall Treadaway Honored with Credera’s 12th Annual Living the Core Values Award

“Marshall is a person that I would gladly follow wherever he would lead.”

Every year Credera recognizes an employee with the Living the Core Values Award. This award is presented to an individual who exemplifies the firm’s values throughout the year. All Crederians have the opportunity to nominate a colleague for this award. The previous three winners decide the winner based on the nominations and examples provided.

This year, we are excited to publicly announce Marshall Treadaway as the winner of the 12th Annual Living the Core Values Award! Marshall’s transparency, servant leadership, and ambition to serve his clients and colleagues were among the many reasons why he was nominated by his colleagues and why he earned this great honor.


“Marshall values transparency and honesty above all else. I know that when Marshall tells me something, it’s the whole truth, without any frills or spin. Integrity isn’t a question with Marshall; it’s a given. He always does the right thing, no matter who’s watching.”

“Marshall doesn’t accept failure. Even when the work is hard and the hours are grueling, he sticks it through, and always does an amazing job. He’s able to take any project with any resource and lead it to success.”

“Marshall’s sense of professionalism is unparalleled. When he becomes cognizant of areas the client needs help or growth in, he approaches them about it with humility and respect, seeking only to aid in positive growth.”

“Marshall is one of the most humble people that I know at the firm. If he works late or over the weekends, it is solely to help the project; diverting all of the gratitude and praise – as he is ‘just doing his job.’”

Marshall, thank you for living out the core values at Credera. We are proud to have you as a member of the Credera family! Congratulations!

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