May 13, 2020

Marketing Through the Pandemic

Kyle Wahlquist

Kyle Wahlquist

Marketing Through the Pandemic

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the market and on our pre-existing marketing strategies, but we wanted to take a few minutes to share some marketing insights with you, which may help you plan your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Impacts to Marketing Budgets

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many marketers are seeing and expecting reduced marketing budgets for paid ad campaigns. One way many marketers are accounting for this is to prioritize long-term investments over instant (but temporary) ad traffic. Credera’s SEO experts have seen many turn to search engine optimization (SEO) services to counter the paid traffic trends. There has been a 400% increase in marketers focusing on SEO services since the pandemic changed our economy.

Pivoting to SEO Marketing During COVID

SEO investments are not as temporary as paid media spending, and the effects of organic optimizations can lead to increases in traffic for years. SEO experts generally refer to this as “leased” advertising vs. “owned” advertising. With paid ads, your “leased” traffic goes up or down depending on how much you are currently spending and how effectively you are spending.

With organic SEO investments, your “owned” traffic is driven by rankings that are largely yours, until something within the competitor or search algorithm landscapes changes. Not to mention, when we looked at search as a whole, 83% of search traffic is organic and 17% comes from paid search.

A graph of organic marketing trends verses paid ad trends to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A graph of organic marketing trends verses paid ad trends to consider during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SEO Strategy: The Corona & Post Pandemic Marketing Strategy

An investment in SEO is an extremely cost-efficient strategy that provides many years of investment return. It allows you to use a fraction of your paid ad spend and focus on a majority of the search market.  It is a “long game” tactic that pays off in both the short and long term. Not only will your SEO investments help you focus on a wider audience and rank against your competitors in the short term, but you may find yourself overtaking competitors who have stopped their investment in organic SEO rankings.  This can position you in an even stronger spot when the market does start to return to some state of normal.

SEO Services

As your company pivots your marketing dollars and reassess strategies to adjust to the current market, consider the suggestions in this article or reach out to us at if you need more help prioritizing your SEO services.

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