Nov 14, 2019

Managing Change Means Managing People

Ben Grotta
Raul Cevallos

Ben Grotta and Raul Cevallos

Managing Change Means Managing People

Large business transformations are about more than business requirements and technology integrations. The people impacted by the transformation need just as much attention as the system they will be using. In fact, 75% of business transformations fail to capture a positive ROI, and the majority of these failures are due to poor user adoption. Realizing the full benefits of a transformation requires preparing end users and making sure their needs are met.

Credera understands that a transformation’s return on investment can only be realized if the impacted stakeholders adopt the new operating model in a swift way and with minimal disruption. Our approach to preparing users for these transitions emphasizes three critical people factorsspeed, utilization, and proficiency. This approach involves defining the change and how it will impact users, creating a plan that anticipates their reactions and enforces successful behaviors, and diligent execution to minimize disruption. By understanding the personal nature of change, we prepare every user to embrace the new way of operating.

Credera’s Approach to Business Transformation:

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Are you planning for the people side of your next business transformation? At Credera, we use our breadth of operational and technical expertise to understand the needs of each user and create plans to bring them into the new way of doing business with minimal disruption. Come find out more.

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