Dec 22, 2016

Mallory Spell Honored with Credera’s 11th Annual Living the Core Values Award

Briana Gentry

Briana Gentry

Mallory Spell Honored with Credera’s 11th Annual Living the Core Values Award

“Mallory exudes integrity, excellence, professionalism, and humility because it is a part of her DNA. It is who she is to the core,” Maryn Evans says about her friend and coworker.

We are excited to publically announce Mallory Spell as the winner of the 11th Annual Living the Core Values Award!

Once a year, Crederians have the opportunity to nominate a colleague for the award. The Core Values award is presented to an individual who exemplified the firm’s values throughout the year. The previous three winners decide the winner based on the nominations and examples provided.


  • Integrity: In every behavior we seek consistency with what we have said we believe.

  • Excellence: In every outcome we achieve a remarkable result.

  • Professionalism: In every situation we demonstrate a respectful attitude and high levels of competency and skill

  • Humility: In every decision we consider our clients and colleagues interests as more important than our own. When we are wrong, we own our part and ask for forgiveness.

Mallory’s consistency, humility, and willingness to serve others were among the many reasons her colleagues nominated her and ultimately decided she deserved the award.


“Mallory has modeled our core values from the day she walked into the door of Credera.  She is always kind and gracious to everyone who walks in her office (and that’s a lot of people) and humble beyond belief.”

“She lives these values in both her personal and professional life. I wish everyone who worked at Credera could understand and witness the work she has done.”

“This year Mallory took on the huge task of implementing Ultipro. She went above and beyond her role, working with Ultipro and our team at Credera to make sure everything went smoothly.  She also always did this with a smile – even in the most stressful moments.”

“She puts everyone at Credera above herself. Serving them with such a joyful heart. Even when Mallory has a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on her door, people walk in—and Mallory drops what she is doing to help them. She has worked tirelessly to keep the service organization running, and does it all with a smile on her face.”

“Mallory does not go the extra mile to receive recognition. She does not feel entitled to anything, and that is why she deserves to be recognized.”

Mallory, thank you for living out these core values! We are proud to have you as a member of the Credera family! Congratulations!

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