Jun 14, 2011

Lessons learned from the field- Important considerations for MDM Implementations

Shilpa Singh

Shilpa Singh

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  1. MDM Implementations should be geared towards integration of data with business processes

MDM Implementations fail when they are treated like typical technical implementations; it is definitely more strategic than standard IT implementations. Be prepared to weave them into the business process in order to be successful. Determine and engage business users from each segment as part of requirements gathering and ongoing phases. Trust, survivorship, match and merge rules impact source data enormously. Conduct workshops to walk business users through the extensive impact. Adoption might be at risk if this is not done.

  1. Formulate a data strategy team to manage information assets ongoing to realize true value of investment in MDM

MDM projects are strategic initiatives. Create a data governance process and enable data strategy team to manage information assets who will take the implementation enterprise wide.

  1. Integration is one of the most difficult pieces of MDM implementations

Integration with sources is complex and key for success in MDM implementations. Pick a proven integration mechanism (i.e. Established integration from past successful implementations) which can satisfy requirements. Ensure Integration architects are capable of handling the complexity and the effort is not underestimated.

  1. Establish SLA’s

Determine and document SLA’s from a system performance perspective. Implementation of real-time versus batch integration varies dramatically on the effort scale. Plan for sufficient time to address performance tuning to meet the mutually agreed SLA’s

  1. Data migration to MDM is extremely time intensive

Data Migration to migrate data is a huge undertaking. MDM hub matches and merges data across systems. Take a stepwise approach and test out extensively the impact of hub functions on mass data loads. Plan on reasonable time investment for ensuring this is a success.

  1. Industry best practices take implementations on the path to success

Always follow best practices when implementing the solution. Involve the right seasoned industry MDM SME’s for strategy and decision making.

  1. Gap Analysis of infrastructure should be done upfront

Perform a gap analysis of existing infrastructure to ensure hardware needs are met to support the MDM implementation. Analyze the impact of using shared environments e.g. RAC, Shared integration layer for MDM implementation. Understand impact and feasibility of adding hardware, licensing costs involved etc., and document it as a risk.

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