Apr 09, 2019

My Credera Journey

Devon Leasure

Devon Leasure

My Credera Journey

Path to Credera

“Hi Devon, is now a good time to talk?”

“Yes, if you don’t mind that I’m a little out of breath.”

It was the morning of my brother’s wedding. I was on a hike in Southern California when I first interviewed over the phone with Leslie Goth, the Management Consulting recruiter at Credera.

My path to finding a home within the Credera family was a little unconventional. I learned about the management and IT consulting firm in April of 2018, just a month before I graduated from my business master’s program at the University of Florida. That month, I attended a conference in Washington, D.C., where I had the honor of delivering the keynote speech at a reception dinner addressing campus sexual assault. I sat next to a charming woman named Jenni Oaks who, as most adults do when you’re at that stage in life, asked me about my post-graduation plans. My short-term plans involved moving to Jerusalem for three months and conducting research at a think tank; however, I hadn’t quite figured out what life looked like after my inevitable return in August. I shared with her what I believed to be my strengths: an aptitude for hard-work, a strong devotion to my core values, and an insatiable desire to learn and be challenged.

Little did I know at the time, but what Jenni would share with me next would alter the course of the next chapter of my life. She knew of a place that exemplified my values and connected me with Scott Covington, a Credera vice president, who invested in my professional goals, believed in my potential, and set up time for me to interview with other members of the Credera team.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018 when I was over 6,000 miles away from anything familiar. I purchased a Skype telephone number for $7 per month so I could communicate with Credera employees across the globe at any given moment. Because of the time change, I interviewed with my now manager at 10 p.m. Upon my return to the US, I spoke with person after person and each one reaffirmed what I was beginning to believe myself, that this was the right place to begin my career. I asked candid questions about work-life balance and opportunities for young women to advance and their responses unanimously aligned with my vision for the future: to boldly pursue a fulfilling life where I have the chance serve others. I quickly learned that Credera fosters a culture that inspires excellence in all things: both personally and professionally.

My interview process culminated in a conversation with Kevin Erickson, the firm’s vice president who leads the Management Consulting Practice as well as the Denver office. From what I learned throughout my job search, it’s not every day that someone at this senior level is fully invested in the hiring process for an entry-level consultant. Rather than being funneled into a recruiting vortex with mid-level management, I was introduced to one of the busiest and most highly regarded members of the firm. This highlighted to me how important hiring the right people is to Credera.

Life at Credera

Growing up, my mom always told me that who you are, in large part, is a product of the people you choose to surround yourself with. The average American spends over 30% of their waking hours at work. It matters who you choose to share your time with. Surround yourself with people who have your best interests at heart and who will push you out of your comfort zone to achieve excellence. Embrace the men and women who seek to mentor you and who deeply care about your success.

Ever since Sept. 4, 2018, when I officially joined the Credera family, I have come to recognize and appreciate the truth behind the words I heard throughout my interview process: This is a place where the people matter. I want to encourage all those seeking employment, whether it be your first job or a mid-life career change, to be intentional with your decision-making. Don’t jump on the first offer that knocks on your door. Ask the hard questions and critically evaluate the answers you receive.

At the end of the day, it is human nature to desire a career that we find meaningful. The culture here at Credera is one that is sustainable and life-giving. The character of the individuals I have the pleasure of working with make going to the office every day a joy. Within my first seven months as a consultant, I’ve participated in client meetings with C-level individuals, working with my peers to help solve their toughest problems. I’ve had the opportunity to draw upon research to find feasible solutions and work diligently to implement those findings. Each day is an adventure, allowing me to hone my skills, take on more responsibility, and make an impact for the betterment of the business we’re serving.

My journey to becoming a management consultant with Credera in Denver has been unexpected and, subsequently, all the more wonderful. Whatever your unique path may be, I hope you find what you’re looking for. I know I did.

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