Dec 16, 2019

Is Your Marketing Organization Ready for the Digital Era?

Ben Grotta

Ben Grotta

Is Your Marketing Organization Ready for the Digital Era?

It has been clear for several years that marketing is evolving. Today’s consumers are spread across several devices and even more channels. This explosion of potential touchpoints is at the heart of the most important question marketers face in the current environment: How do I cast a wide enough net to capture our dispersed audience, while keeping our interactions relevant enough to gain their attention? As with most complicated questions, the answer is not simple.

One thing is clear, however. If your marketing organization is still structured for the old world of distinct channels and engagement points, then you are already behind. At Credera, we believe successful marketing organizations are ones that evolve to operate at this new intersection of business, technology, and data. Digital commerce, social media, analytics, and customer experience are at the heart of the modern marketing organization and augment established creative and brand capabilities.

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Is your marketing organization set up to succeed in the digital age? At Credera, we bring a unique collection of technical expertise, business operations experience, and marketing technology capabilities to solve our clients’ toughest marketing challenges. If you have questions you’d like to talk through, reach out to us at

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