Mar 18, 2016

Is Communication Key to a Successful Career?

Lynne Lively

Lynne Lively

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The Dallas Morning News recently listed Credera as a Top Place to Work in Dallas/Fort Worth. Out of the 99 other companies listed, Credera was also highlighted as the organization that is “Best at Communicating.” In my opinion, this recognition is a testament to Credera’s transparent and honest culture. As a relatively newer employee who values healthy communication, I would like to share three quick examples of how Credera has lived up to this award during my time here.

From Day 1

From the moment I opened Credera’s doors and began my journey, Credera’s transparent culture was evident. Credera’s employees demonstrated living out the company’s stated values and the leaders seem to be disciplined about frequent and consistent communication at all levels.

Here are three quick examples of frequent and consistent communication:

Monthly Company-Wide Meetings

One unique aspect of Credera’s culture is the monthly “Fireside Chat.” During this meeting the whole company comes together to receive updates from our president and CEO, Rob Borrego, and other company leaders. I always look forward to Fireside Chat meetings because they allow me to spend time with colleagues outside of the office while receiving fact-based updates about the status of client projects and our company growth. Without regular company-wide meetings, I’d feel out of the loop and unaware, which could lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Weekly Sync Up with My Team

Our team meets weekly to discuss priorities and collaborate on projects. Outside of our meetings, I sit next to Morgan Eseke, who graciously answers questions and takes time to ensure I’m doing well and feeling good about my workload. Frequent communication with my colleagues keeps my eye on the target and provides clarity on my projects and priorities.

Informal Catch Up

One of my favorite forms of communication at Credera is having lunch with my close friends at work. We sit downstairs in the atrium and spend quality time catching up while discussing all areas of life (e.g., relationships, weekend plans, prayer requests, etc.). God has blessed me with incredible friends who’ve made my move to Dallas and starting a new job an easy transition.

Is Communication Key in the Workplace?

I’ve learned healthy and consistent communication is essential to maintaining successful relationships, both personally and professionally. When communication is not a priority – misunderstandings and mistakes are common and unnecessary. When communication is valued as a part of the company culture, we have a clear understanding of our priorities and responsibilities, which leads to projects being completed with excellence, on time and in line with team expectations.

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