Jul 21, 2021

Introducing Credera Innovation

Laura Weedon

Laura Weedon

Introducing Credera Innovation

Credera's First Branded Offering

As Credera continues to grow and reach new markets, innovation at Credera continues to scale. Our geographic expansion in the United States, as well as into the UK market, has grown our innovation footprint to span more diverse industries. We found the need to define our established Structured Innovation offering and create a unified voice around what Credera Innovation is. To ensure consistency under Credera's master brand, we've chosen an endorsed brand approach so that our innovative uniqueness is apparent, but our structure and cornerstone remain the same. 

"It's no secret that innovation is at the top of most companies' agendas, especially as we're collectively emerging from the COVID era,” says Jake Carter, Credera’s Chief Innovation Officer. “We're excited to launch Credera Innovation to mark the work that our teams do to help companies tackle their innovation agendas."

Meet Credera Innovation

Credera Innovation Branding
Credera Innovation Branding

Credera Innovation branding is bright and clean; our colors and font are playful yet structured. We’ve taken the strong Credera brand and added our own spin.   

What's Included

Here are some of the elements of our new sub-brand: 

  • Logo: We have a new Credera Innovation logo. Our brand continues the established and sturdy Credera block, but incorporates the new blue as well as a new playful but convincing font. 

Credera Innovation Logo
Credera Innovation Logo
  • Webpage: Credera Innovation has a redesigned webpage outlining our offerings and diving deeper into a few key focus areas: design sprintsdisruption sprints, and proof of concept development. Our website includes highlight videos about our Structured Innovation Approach and other valuable thought leadership insights. 

  • Offering Overview: Reimagine. Redesign. Realize. We provide organizations a structured approach to innovation enabling them to identify, curate, and execute winning initiatives.  

  • Mission Statement: To make an extraordinary impact through innovation. 

  • Value Propositions:

    • Imaginative, yet Clear

    • Curious, yet Determined

    • Creative, yet Refined

    • Ambitious, yet Organized  

  • Slogan: Lead through innovation. 

  • Brand Strategy: Although Credera Innovation was the first offering to brand itself, it won't be the last. Our growing list of specialties and offerings are continuing to disrupt markets, creating their own brand identities. Watch for them! 

Our Capabilities

Credera Innovation is more than just design sprints. As part of our branding, we’ve formalized our areas of innovation thought leadership into specific client offerings. Although the Structured Innovation approach often builds upon itself, Credera can build upon innovation initiatives in any phase. 

  • Design sprint: Move from an idea or problem to a user-tested prototype through a facilitated design thinking workshop.

  • Disruption sprint: Decide what opportunities to pursue next based on their value to users, value to the business, and effort required.

  • Proof of concept development: Gather customer insights quickly and prove the idea before significant investment.

  • Innovation strategy: Decide where to focus innovation efforts, what opportunities to pursue, and how to structure a team to make consistent, repeatable progress.

  • Research sprint: Understand customers’ usage habits and decision-making through qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy: Successfully launch new DTC offerings and scale existing DTC businesses.

  • Business case and market sizing: Measure the revenue, growth, and profitability for innovation opportunities.

  • Minimum viable product development: Implement new products and services and bring them to market rapidly using a lean approach.

  • Service design: Bring the customer experience to life in a sustainable and scalable way while considering the processes, employee experience, and tools that are required.

  • Prioritization workshop: Identify the value, feasibility, and viability of the various business opportunities. 

  • Data sprint: Identify opportunities to leverage first-party data to drive innovation.

Our Leadership

As we’ve grown, Credera has continued to identify innovation leaders to help shape and develop Structured Innovation. Our team includes Credera team members from each practice and is led by Credera Partners Jake CarterAparna RamanLauren Sheehan, and Kara Williams.

What's Next

Today’s leaders know they need to innovate, but most struggle with where to focus their teams’ time and what to actually do. Credera Innovation helps identify the next steps to tackle innovation hurdles. Our approach to innovation has allowed us to grow across many industries, globally. Credera Innovation will continue to disrupt industries, develop strategies, and design innovation solutions that propel consumers and companies into the future. 

Have an idea you want to pursue? Find more of our innovation insights here or reach out to to learn more. 

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