Oct 01, 2020

Innovation at Credera: How to Scale

Cameron Weinert

Cameron Weinert

Innovation at Credera: How to Scale

Innovation at any organization requires structure and a plan to get ideas off the whiteboard and into the market.

At Credera, we guide companies to innovate through a structured approach that combines design thinking with a systematic process. Our goal is to walk with you along each step of the innovation journey as you look to prioritize opportunities for innovation, pursue a new idea, and prototype a solution.

Over the next few weeks we will share how to bring your ideas to life through our structured innovation process.

Our last blog discussed how to prioritize ideas. However, as organizations move from the prioritization of ideas into pursuing market-facing innovative ideas, they will face the challenge of scaling up innovation.

How to Scale Up Innovation?

The challenge of scale with any product can hinder progress and impact not only the specific market launch, but also the company and its culture as a whole. Challenges such as supply chain constraints, organizational reporting and governance, and ensuring you are able to adapt to the market’s response all impact the ability to scale a product.

Companies who struggle with scaling up innovation can fall into the traps of complacency and risk aversion. As the difficulties launching a product to market increase, the appetite for innovation decreases.

How do you launch a new product to scale? How can you transform your organization to allow for innovative thinking, quick market launches, and sustainable product growth?

At Credera, we work with our clients to not only build a plan to launch a product to market, but also ensure organizations are ready to handle a new market offering. Our service design team helps companies bring the customer experience to life in a sustainable and scalable way while considering the processes, employee experience, and tools that are required.

The ability to scale a product requires both market validation and organizational readiness. Ensure you have the right product in the market as well as the organizational capacity to help it grow. Credera can help you achieve both through our structured innovation process.

Learn more about how Credera helps companies scale their ideas in the video below or reach out to us at

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